blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

February 28, 2006


easy to say – paper is not perverse – letters are not lecherous – easy to play {innocent} and blush, but difficult to offend > there is a laugh that dispels, there is a high broiling laugh that sends everything away < more than a defense | an assault – a chain of words | and there is a laugh, a release – a laugh like an orgasm (organic) a small death of the self – is this borrowed from somewhere [stolen] a momentary lapse into reason / a timed slip and a cacophony \ of voices accident – a dim tincture – distill a humor – a rumor / easy does it, light on the lip \ a weight an offense /\ ended off – to the pink – in reverse – the laugh that pulls everything in – a glassy voice (balanced precariously) half full > out of solid center [successively empty] nostalgia returns to sour < stiffened up to rigid > …
paper is perverse
letters are lecherous


light & right – a bottle
of Crisco oil –
so hot – a pull of
gravity when and where
touch – laid out – whisper

a clear throat – smile
sizes – receive – folden
close hard & coarse
an abrasion breaking up –
a dead light bulb –

show the edge – the cover
self – contained without set up
appear and rewind in
the middle – appropriate
an intractable display

compliance in a
picture a view from
a window – a fling – major
lack of regard – a thin veneer
a subtle desk of puberty

howling a perverse range
– a highlight –
spin needed – spoke
unspoken – deformed beauty
rang over spent – rang –

a sick tour sick of
halls – around workings
young – academic
with – a hint of pimpery
floating – a trace of irony

layers across a lifted peak
outside what known of customs?
bulbous – fashionable
knocked disparate & conspicuous
there is no ink in a hole

turn out from your note book
a seat – shuttled away from
these watched orders – shaken
and down voices from
precontraceptive – romance

my constitution – a glance standing – stopped
a notice – a ticket – a warming
mounted & carried

February 27, 2006

else all

a balcony and the same birds and their feeder – birds and their feeders. The same birds again an organization, temporary, a reorganization | for a time | schedule kept on libraries shifting \there/ in between a dash and a punctuation mark \there is/ a material lying, covered up by \there is a/ anything else comes \there is a\lost/ all this repeats and repressed by another line compressed by another time – compression. prescience a science of interference [putting something in the way] of these arrangements dis arranged… and it comes up of its own > regurgitates? this mess coalesced – is it anything? yet again a lack. but put (together an assembly) a construction without hinges: a desk without joints {where is between} where it is inbetween – and there is no whole other life, right? there always seems | in the seams | to be.

A hymnal

in push an experience – a model
an edit coughing – creative, Dr?
a campus – an island – a review
– the train takes twice –
like Copernicus in wedlock

secondly an anthology – a template
in the making – on the make
a red dread – and all a craft
a ship – an example – a boat
– the ways of objects twice –
like of a character, a desire

a drawn metaphor quartered – by things
on fixated obsession – or example
a preface – the past – a shut in
– the world out of the closet once –
a shallow room and precocious yearning

represent five trophies, five teapots – another shrine
to beauty and lack – dainty boathook
bad mirror – shifting pieces – dusty state
– the Empire bent & hung, elongated again –
coated with waves stored & embroidered

on pins like a neck from a factory warehouse
lined reflections floating – and waving
a cross unseen – the slums – a center
– a description of aspects stood standing alone –
waking up to jump out of earnest and young

an introduction, an intention reconciled – individuated
of variegated loving – smuggled and sealed
a minor boiling – cut the line – precious beckoning
– fulsome dimpled arms waving an interior pale –
an irreverent raging lunatic, small, no, larger and gleaming

an eternal character old fashioned – inhabitant
moist postmark uncanny – prominent, throaty
held modeling – silky half slips – color dangling
– held half rounded yet red like an eye soft & gentle –
covered-spent-landed-and-stood – a myriad ejaculation at church

February 26, 2006

Steal steel

Something about the commons – courtesy? thievery? - re-writing is re-wiring – stealing is for people who haven’t gotten used to theft yet – getting used to being a thief is a human preoccupation a compulsion.
← left justified ← →right justified →
justified? the morality of the thing is an argument elsewhere | the essential preoccupation immaterial | the degrees finely tuned – appropriate text > a difference > a pronunciation < a pronouncement (this will never save you) ( or me) \free expression/ ? but what is? how and why? and also is expression concerning, disconcerting. a concert of expression – a cacophony of theft – a rumor of voices… is the idea to set one thing next to another along the shore, lined up along the coast, to form a flimsy and porous – an opening {this is where you can go} [this is where we've been] (this is where I am)


and meaningful your journal
a journal on organic shape
      shaped on your own
cranked out your money's
worth – your compulsion

in a stage a shaped artifact
accumulates preciousness
submit – a hit process
ready – finish - getting it
medicated –
      about you

served, I think psychology
      discipline – whatever
thrown away, used, grown
3 months outlined
      outlined – a ritual
of essay destruction – burnt

southern – coming
to do – a slash – take a cut
an intent develops
a feature disembodied
in place inspired – a place

a character hugely projected
ugly and exciting – manifested
a booster – perversely
- offended I hope –
      and American – done
maps seem never –

have adventures in
how the body – the body
how the written relates
      to written
how the performed
      relates to performed
the performed
      known – paid attention to

relates to gender body gender
      body the gender
you're female gender
      as a woman is
- central - smashing
      patriarchal shape
process – working
a long felt response
without the split
      of the head of the body

February 25, 2006


this indicator is a direction very vague, an indication of not much – indirection tenantless. It is a space to be filled like a proper name. It is a place to put things, this. A moment that this turns on, these things, those fillings. It is impolite to point. Those times when you flush embarrassment listening to these little times populated by that sensation, this moment split. Division divides this into that. Definition decides what these are, what those are. And definition is another indicator this is that - these are those – this is those – these are that. It isn't that this depends upon these descriptions whose indirection begs definition. This becomes an issue that, those who describe have a place to describe from that transfers these descriptions to those things in the form of definition. This becomes definite in such a way that those descriptions have simply passed over to these things.

a stable

grabbed from the shelf
shrink wrapped and intentionally
out of place –
slipped from context and
bobbing in the sea
of content – stumbling –
      mid glittering
      with sharp promises

the front at the back
affected entirely
      enscribed – these
form a page
a mystery whelmed
a splashing sofa - relaxed
a kept chair inside –
disturbed by city

another unhinged red -
simply coherent – lost,
fathomed out -
get out – to work – known
and related – process
      an intuition –
something - out there –
carry an interpretation

unstable problematic
an instinct worn on clothes
loved – unshackled – spilt

February 24, 2006

from form to

ambiguous form turns on ambiguity – unformed ambiguity turns on rigidity – a place / container = glown page –the string is either always slack or taut | are there other options? there are these interrogatives. options potions – positions—taken to form [a column like a frontispiece] unmatched in time's singularity, always to the left of \what moment was it put into/ is it? There is unclarity + Here is unclear. But That is immaterial \/ there is no matter to it. text is not an excuse for language – text is occasionality, yes – but the font of letters doesn't control attention {command} necessary papers the insides as the mouth fills aurality | an excess is not an excuse of ours | this us creates excess \ this thought is excessive this time is excessive all time is excessive – force

a partial

off a cliff, another cliff
like variety – in case
I live in cause current
the line current
the line with you
a net? a fallow paradise
gone to field
where we'll heal – really work –

a rigorous honesty – I think
      I'll read
totally shameless
pacing – myself
      struck dumb
blazing in silence

unsmiling questions
fall to descend –
travel trained lovers
and remarks strict
policy – a famous shift –
in bed with a pause –
a laugh, silent
and transparent

I can't stand last night
alone – shaken
back to time and
a section dried
skeleton a country

would setting – on concrete
all elegance, emptied
mechanical – led to
a dilated cube –
glowing – fleshy curse

a choke jolting
cracking blind groans
of sunk quiet, descent
      this perverse
ritual bruised – knicked
flat – a thread pulling on
unsubtled leanings –
cleverly misplaced

February 23, 2006


stack piles of sheets upon leaves upon pages upon paragraphs up on sentences phrases words letters a language - la langue `the tongue papercut by paper cut by knife, a process proceeding processural change |sure stasis| this zero degree ::procession:: which zero degree is that without effect / is this without affect? this time hit twice. up on a heap. A heap another missive missing – is it a miss taken? there yet a part flown away from any collection - conglomerate? (the action) a definition - a definite condition… try to bring this under control. try to impost. It is in search of an after > this life? Is it a mortal immoral - mortality? where does this lead | lead? questions ever in the offing \ a language of / (on exaction (abstraction in extraction – leading now where? - to a square which is really round and un centered(.) ) )


so tragic and why? this
cares, works all this or out?
what does it interested in outcomes
how does it help you
interested in outcoumes
a manifold

so much left why
like left, left over
outside leaving a leavening
still capture a notice
undressed a border – gods
leaf blown, border, a crossing

princess of mood – applied
yet dead begging, pity in the
bolting – a test ignited
in wing inhaling every
surrendered – rubber word

shiny and yet a theatre
inherently boring – stumbled
hungry – sunk into moist –
performed sexuality - performed
victorious – low exalted
a residence – totally dead
just written - intersected /
overlapped next to – part of
a throughline
through out

excerpted pulp plotted
what out – spews
fractured - fragmented
attention – paid
affected and fused
assemblance → a semblance → assembly

February 22, 2006


what is all this, but idle minded scrawlings on an already written surface? Graffiti tags in constat degradation and constantly covered over again. Writing is forever diappearing reading is to leave enough time for something else, leave another time - the surface - a drift away from another script – inevitably recovering the same place / path, ultimately different a sea of(in) difference – an attack on this terpitude of lack? is it ever moral to read, write? clearly. because these things have nothing to do with either of each other or purpose and anyone who has pretended a letter has a specific purpose is an abject and fervent moralist. even a letter as in a love letter beyond simply the letter l or o or v or e written with the intention of giving or sending someone a message is yet purposeless and will only need to be rplacd with another letter (a place a ltter, i) another object and eventually moved away to another subject not (loroorvore (loro or vore)) just for the sake of leaving a shift away from or, an essential swerve(?), in essence you'll swoon.


it is a dissident
look, a luck of
alike lack
sanded by blast
up roariously with
un canned tin
a hem pult
along a star ring
mis tied
down to a port
this stance licks a cross
a post, a pose op(un)posed
eyes cradled in a splint
separate sliver silver
what wood to do
a paper cut tongue
lined straight to that stance
s(ob)ub e(tc.)j-ject

February 02, 2006

matter of

a failure of matter—desire
an uncooperative nature—a star
skimming the surface—gliding across—
sailing—across the medium

in the middle—
a desire to keep away
scribbling on the wall—scribbles
on the wall—

a desire to dive in
a matter of
perspective—a desire—
a matter of light—to leave the same

a matter of consciousness—a desire
a matter of attention
a desire—a matter of choice—to fall out

a matter of new—desire to
proclaim another of loss
desire—a matter of politics—to cringe

a matter of story—desire to flout
a matter of adjustment—desire
a matter of disappearance—a
matter of place?—desire—
a matter of clearing your throat—to shout

a matter of time—lost—desire—
of thought running—to reach a point—
continuously—of an
eagerness to make essense—
of what you wanted to say
of what you meant to do

what was going to happen
was about to take place
to end the affair
to slip from the moment
—desire to fail—
slip away from you
away from lost time
from you towards an
indistinct presence