blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

June 27, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 11

charm sees itself as a holistic picture
with an art of the self in fragments
so the misunderstanding is better
falls together in its own collection
the first stage in the language fancy
in order to possibly speak something
the free play of the system

a book never holds you to a total value
but safely lives, the stamp of lack
making tell of new history
causes a demand in everyone.
gives a position around us
in the clay tone to leave

a building twisting, to dig gutters
by the model which begins the end
the picture of a lucky goal
the visitor announces the very private person
of poetry noise under the umbrella of a border
to let it seem modern, tolerance for the separation

the seed of charm so that war found our misrecognition
falls together clean, the forest of models perhaps speak
the free play misses plugging the realization of new
tells the history which causes the question.
it sends always only towards the exile
in the tone of clay, hollow

the deprived person, the noise of poetry
below the umbrella border
appealing to the prospect of old work
saving time in language, a simple tool

language, a direction does not run
with the art of manner modifying our summers
the request for innocence
a direction forms futurism
all life too late for the model origin

fire, the philosopher of legibility
time forms the impossible fragment
a totality as seriality, a diversity cyclic
units of the eternal recurrence
a complete unit in the letter

the image of the world after
another kind dogmatism of the contact with true continuation
not to project on another energy of antagonism
the ends of the beginnings, not myth
the past is never behind the use and abuse of history

Anti-Oedipus 10

The body does not have
that which is not original
not worthy to mention, the evidence
disappears, gives it any complete remaining types.
This belief concerning the body
inside the cheeks gazing, hoping
no body presses back
in order to check the last of thereafter,
and takes with expanded pursuit the calculation.

This felt in the manner of a device stopped
you test the device of gazing, hoping of no body
taking with broad persecution the invoice.

The unit in its all connections
does not become easily steady in the passage
the unit, the body, the locking output of the noises
an organization it does not have inside.

A linear series, the situation which forms determination
an enormous unified object, the body east of life
requires exact passion for the life span of the unit,
because dead ones are easily integrated,
and you require life passionately for death.

one believed with consideration
the unit is not arrested
an internal part leaves the body
controls the unit’s hopeful gaze
pressure behind an exterior one in order
to control, since the last returns.

it becomes hard to withstand all the sounds
the machine running the body.
The body does not have
one to mention the obvious,
it disappears where there is any whole type remaining.

a series of situations which form this body
life beseeches ardently, wishes for the life,
the device accurately demands duration
inoperative men demand inoperative women,
inoperative women demand inoperative men.

the body, not a line
spitefully and with interest,
the creation of determination
create the symptom of separation
not the body of easy organization.

June 24, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 9

argue gangrenous metaphor
in the real, symbols
the engine of ire
the ideal zone

language makes a run
while a series of contracts
bind the symbol with the symbol
an exclusive metaphor embellished

symbol put in symbolic relief

speak night there in rich lungs
for identity to identify storms
announcing these ardent totalities
their homes complete and verbalized

or find the synchronic moment
that put only my risen triangle
of a constellation beyond the clouds
all this broken logic dying uselessly

snails on quaaludes
archaism turned into nostalgia
a night to wear the classic wig
not implicitly exceptional
the future built and verified
a utopic fire with time

Invented and presented
grains before the widening mast
the account at the time
the art of contemporary history
the account of languages appearance
between two systems in clean speech.

the variable period precipitated this kind
of freedom: a bad machine, a good machine—
engage with the other machine of sex
the functioning machine of the machines.

mark the examined libido
nonreducible impersonal sexual marking
first violation ambivalent and overdetermined
Irony parsing martyrs in its denim sleep

conscious submission to a negative
emancipation only in the public
the area exceeded for the subject
the period to mean death

extension of the narration of the social
exist there so like the narration
discussions of terminated portraits
by doses a little excitation
a larger problem feeding the seed.

Anti-Oedipus 8

The body without bodies,
the unproductive one, the unconsumable,
used as a surface
receiving the whole process of desire,
the wishes seeming to emanate
from the objective movement
which draws up a relationship
between the wish and
the body without bodies.

The body without bodies uses the unconsumable
during the accommodation of complete desire,
so that desire seems to leak
into the obvious motion which sets up
a relation between the body and
the bodies without body.

The bodies without body then unproductive
enduring a surface of desire
so that desire works
it seems outside
it installs blots on
the body without bodies.

In a word, full body
a surface of forms stored up
leaking out from this surface.
An attraction takes place now
can take the place of repulsion later
which forms a succession of bodies.

thus come to superimpose
advances in the method
a method of inscription

The body without bodies,
uses the surface of desire,
as well as works desire
to look like a loop installing splodges
in the way of the bodies without body.

miraculating success in a manner
high geniuses identical to
the body without bodies

The bodies without body unconsolable
obvious splodges installed,
memory of the desire—oblivious—
in the body without bodies

an applicable consciousness of a false movement,
an applicable conception of movement,
an applicable surface
separation comes to put the connection
left over to begin from description

a simple misadventure of wishes
occurs when the last can not tolerate any more
a result of the bodies without body
as a full body of forms seems to emanate

just a mental disturbance
not an aware disturbance

a word complete, outside,
splitting, starting description

The returns of attraction an hour decides
without any doubt the old continues
made to exist in the voices of
mocking remark which test the bodies
check any doubt in the form of voices
of the scoffing notes existing in particular.

The relative mental riot,
only the mental riot memorized
the law which regulates the later coupling,
import two suggested bodies to the body without bodies.

Like all quantities, the same thing sliding,
ventilating its own insanity.
Unconscious insanity
breaks up just as it condenses
on the body without bodies

actually exceeded unmistakably up into law
whose law is identical, clinging so narrowly
to the very operation miraculated
a world perverted and enchanted
occurs quickly, and black mood
does not try to solve the essential thing

the establishment of a magic
the fetish we passed imperceptibly
in a field attached to the body without bodies
with the same thing slipping on the surface.
the differences which always rise
in the same motion they shift and slip.

one perverted and bewitched world trying
to solve, the mechanism of a magic surface
maintained to indicate the bodies without body
only simply a misfortune of blots, some of desire:
blots of desire on the body without bodies

the means are joined, tightened
to control the shape of voices
all the doubt continues in splodges

the rollbacks of the hour of attraction
decide and make a place to exist in the detail
between the differences magnifying the same
a misfortune of white spots

it is the result of a loop among them
only the mental uproar is not a mental uproar
producing chains of bodies without body
in one move they are made to slip
the process is lazy, from the beginning
a broken ignition

Anti-Oedipus 7

you natural will etcetera
independent cycles worn immediate
without a class of mediation
the actions and passions
the pleasures sensual
and the requests with pain

the reverse gear of meaning
use of the period, the end, the insertion
consumption and even the procedure again
take it up as implementation
the contact with the detailed

two poles of a relationship to cause
the cause of the expression and the effect
everything ideally against categories

even the cause and the stars stop ceaselessly
a tree in the body
a chest in the mouth
a sun in the universe
the doormen of a second meaning
humans and nature are not as two

Anti-Oedipus 6

destroy the assemblages, reassemble the destruction
resemble the destruction, aging symbol
mineral support, radical energy
to learn a movable insanity

metaphors of simple steps
and the relations necessary
something produced, deviated
a passage, a better model

relations with the external world
celestial stars or elbows of rain in the sky
this one of the body
whirr me, continue

not to be seen that
a nature eats nature
in accordance with a division
slightly perfectly obviously

a visa that must start
a fantastic oppression to leave a wish

that which will examine being
I eat and eat the person
the human member to be a specific nature
but a nature that eats a specific nature

it is possible in some nature, in the industry
of spoons they are two
different ones and other things
starting from an aspect, the antagonist of nature

a natural material, the industry’s
New Year’s gift

the other sound you turn to reject

Anti-Oedipus 5

home to existence vegetal
mineral, experiential—the first person
concerning loss, substituting the solution

there is a feather in the assembly
buried craving for traveling
moves about in search

of the pasture of personnel
separately evaluated, all about

the person to discover
if the beginning and the destiny serve
for the nomadic people
habitat it is not, there is no area

while the later face considers the direction
as for this pleasant escape of conflict
the direct fever forces the line up
an organized resistance reduced directly

before confidentiality supports the nature of animals
the radical vehicle’s insanity, the type of interruption

deny a form, a cut of energy
always with the new relations

a policy of requirement
you would see the first things
for more the dealer raises the chain
life eats the surface blossom

debt in front of treatment
appears in the growth
a process without end
not to appear everywhere

apparatuses are true
when leading other apparatuses

Anti-Oedipus 4

project similarly an image of reality
the expense of the same reality
to form, destined to the beginning

follow where powerful equipment founders
the result of a comparison
will show that way perhaps
in this way impossible

to be this tension sufficiently new and lead
arctic preparation of three intuitions
practicing to indicate the parts
and the brakes even

the ignited strategist
that and the facist
each one in awe.

they have all the necessary hands
that could be had and they took
that they could find

this political desire

Anti-Oedipus 3

high frequency self to examine
like too much temporality
and similarly documents must believe
neutrally in another feared east

an ego of declaration
an instinct reduced to conservation

conserve the life which sanctified the same
prove it’s necessity against much hope

family church school nation part
the person to discover
without the objective court of desire
the electricity not diminished until

this one finishes lines
air lines of flight
to carry on, carry out

put on the one hand
I finish, I carry out
desire simply examined
an inconsistent result

of comparisons authors
will show in convened locales
this one finishes punt

Anti-Oedipus 2

the relation of desire to reality
not returned through
inferior forms of representation
since this force would deny

what begins, what culminates?

a good church holds fast
being perhaps always
a serious treatment

including creation, persuasion finishes
much based on, to say, maintain,
carry out a security

what lost herd?

some common concepts opposed
external since absolution predicted
desperate opinions even when hidden

it stops to make level
to have this artificial pain
gives an explanation
that place secretes

a private problem
like highways and doors

everything seduces this world
productive nevertheless not to think
this terror that is fought
softly not, forgetting is refreshing

June 22, 2005

Alphabetical Africa 3

Under the influence of Abish and coincidently while colaborating with Ara on a newish project I put together the piece below a few weeks ago. The connection to Abish and Alphabetical Africa made me think I might post it here...


across again an archive around art
blond boyish button
canon cause clasped couple crazy
curb depth detailing disturbing doorway down
down drives ever evoked
examines expressed
faced flat floor
followed from game
got grave haired hall
has hours interest into light like living long
longer may meant morning museum
name neck not of
of officer old only
open or part periodically
place platoon pouring powerfully presence
pressure reads room
room roots rouse simply
single slower smudged sound stream that the
the theory
this thought through to troubles
undoing walls watching work

across an art back blond crazy curb
depth down down ever flat floor from
got hall has light living long may
neck not of of old only or part presence
room room roots simply that the the
the this to walls work

Anti-Oedipus 1

To be defective recently
more necessarily more theoretically
like a shipment well anchored
and thus bad

theory that very definitely calms
calm that definitive sum
happening in our time of revelation
and specialization says where we lack, badly

technical desire to each—terminal
and a symptom, this one finished, multiplied—desire

I was binary bed
present in the display of structure and lack.
I finish, I am nevertheless of the unfavorable enemy
the strategic opposition more than tactical

agreement, not only historical
its uses and mobilizations
could use the effect of desire very red
of masses but the same

ours of control and our daily behavior
the soft true thing that moves
with the control of a train
the western lagoon, the form of sufficient thought

so that, to be able to
fund the access to reality
the difference runs for to sanctify positively
for the unities, the movable and multiple preferences

regular systems in the faith
the ways of sedentary nomads

Anti-Oedipus 0

I've been working, plodding my way through Deleuze + Guattari's Anti-Oedipus and have decided to work on a series of poems in reaction. These may very well turn into a book eventually, who knows. For now I'll post these poems here and later I may write a nifty little essay as well.

June 16, 2005

Last Nights of Paris 1

Well, I read this a couple weeks back while taking a trip with my sister from Phoenix to Kansas City, MO (the town where I grew up). We drove for three days in a 26 foot rental truck, diesel. It was big and I had a lot of time to sit and stare at things. Soupault's book kept on ending up in my hands. This book is very simple, there's no elaborate plot, no intrigue really (although intrigue is one of the main subjects of the book), you don't turn the page to find out who's gonna get it next, but I couldn't put this book down for very long. The narrator's obsession with the shadows of the world he found himself in became your obsession, an interesting transference I think.
I haven't yet written about this book here because I've been researching Abish and doing other reading as well. I have found some resources on Soupault, but not many. My research has found small mentions in larger works by or about Breton of course, but not much directly about Soupault and specifically about Last Nights of Paris. I'm going to put together what I can and say a bit more later.

June 07, 2005

Alphabetical Africa 2

I finished this book about a week ago and have started going back through it. I also began doing some research into Abish. I found an interview with Abish for the release of his most recent book, Double Vision, and a piece by John Updike that was in the New Yorker a little over a year ago. I also ordered this book that has a piece about Abish and a piece by Abish, and I've found some articles, etc. through research databases at the CalArts library which I am very happy I still have access to even though I graduated already. I hope to keep that access going for a while (I know someone on the inside), I love databases.