blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

December 20, 2007

lip service

I like my lips, and the lips
of anyone I encounter, ever.
The words jaw, tongue and lips,
allow sound to flow.

Your vocal sound like uh,
not ah, the two sounds
stuck in your chest, kiss
progress on the lips.

Let me pull away to
see your lips sipping
wine in the distance,
and a growth of lips.

Your mouth, and red cheeks, and
a swelling of the tongue.

Slightly open your mouth
with a curled lip response
and inhale the smell of tongue
on the lips of those you know.

Better to originate in the
lip, mouth, tongue or
upper back part of the
salivary oral cavity.

I was in my late 20s when I arrived, and I wasn't afraid to shoot from the lip, which, I'll admit, can be a little hard to take.

Now, my nose has begun to run, snot collecting on the upper lip. I don't mind, though, not tonight, not after my recent success.

A young father had his bottom lip and part of his tongue bitten off in a sickening city centre attack, then afterwards, he began to hum a tune.

It sounds like your sister's burning mouth syndrome. This 27-year-old condition which causes a burning sensation or soreness on a person's tongue or lips.

This moisture on the lips would be comparable to placing one’s lips or tongue on a flagpole, creating the opportunity for injury to the lips and mouth!

If you have muscle weakness of the mouth, jaw or lips, you may do activities that involve blowing and sucking to help you learn to retract your tongue.

However with the mini tongue you get the best of both worlds, all the lip locking action you could desire, coupled with intense 'lapping action.'

Finally I closed my eyes, laid the slice on my tongue and let it melt in my mouth. I could taste the acorns and grass the pig had fed on in its final months

Besides the lost teeth, all in the front of the mouth, I cut my tongue as well as the inside of the lips and gums. I required 25 to 30 stitches to close a cut in my tongue and an additional 50 or so to sew together wounds to the inside of the lip and gums. I sat out Saturday, needing 21 ½ hours of surgery to treat four exposed sores in the mouth, some blisters and skin peeling; swelling of the face, eyes, lips, tongue and throat; I had trouble swallowing and breathing; and spoke with a hoarse voice.

Of face, lips, tongue
prescription, bin, icon
a cheap throat occurrence.

An order for tongue
or throat occurs.
Lips, tongue, a cheap throat and
calls for medical attention.

Shove your tongue
down somebody’s throat.
Know what is desired.
A kiss in training.

All the variations in sound
produced by the tip of my tongue—
no lip movement, no jaw movement,
no expulsion of air.

You’re giving mouth-
to-mouth, from your lips,
hardly decipherable yet
pleasing lyrics such as

apparently can be produced
stream out effortlessly even,
impress upon the audience
the best lips are now.

Your soft tab face is
swelling, sweet ololololo,
your soft tab face calling
for lips, tongue and throat.

Then you pressed my tongue down toward the floor of my mouth and had me say ah? like a patient. I figured you would tell me not to stick out my tongue. Has this made it dangerous to be a student driver?

I went home later, laid around, played guitar, both of which came in noisy spurts like a horned-up Texan tongue flinging saliva at any be-boobed honey in sight.

A very thick shape often begins in the soft and moist skin that lines the inside of my mouth, nose, and throat. Can it also be found on the tongue and lips?

The networking of brain, tongue, lungs,
pharynx, lips, nose and sinuses gives
add-on features that help to figure
out the expected word sound
with good clarity. As I did,

you leaned in and pressed
your lips squarely against my
mouth, mimicking my every bite.
We simultaneously chewed.

Oral inflammation of the mouth
ranging from redness to severe
inner cheek, tongue and lips.

Refer to my lips, and
involve the mouth, or tongue
in all your ulcerations,
the mucous casserole
of my oral cancre sores.

The throat refers to the tube
that starts behind this, also
the guy who played Marilyn
Monroe in a lip-sync performance.

In addition to having my own fundraiser, my plan was to bust loose from the Quincy courthouse by having my paramour slip me the tongue along with a key to these handcuffs. She lowered herself completely, slowly, and when her lips reached mine, her tongue invaded mine, twisting me around passionately. My con fell flat and now I'm in the Norfolk jailhouse.

“They got them a tongue-lashing, like in a rugby scrum,” the judge said Sunday morning. “We spanked them a little bit verbally, They got put in the corner with the dunce hat on."

She placed one finger on my lips, to prevent me from saying any stupid things that might ruin the nascent harmony.

Presumably not to be dubbed
simply to puck your lips
and the pride of opening my mouth,
darting your tongue at Beauty-from-within

products are claiming to erase
wrinkles give you shinier hair
will make your lips lock.

There was a door reading…

Our bodies don't need pepper
for survival, but we do need
to spice up our lives as surely
as we need to put rouge
on our lips and heels
on our shoes.

Kissing has become so common that many of us don't think there's more to it than just locking the lips. Smooching is not only a sign of love, occasionally there will be swelling of the tongue and voice box (the larynx), which may cause the throat to close and prevent normal breathing.

If his tongue is sitting out front shielding access to his lips, your tongue should do the same. If he continually forces his tongue down your throat, it's caused by the throat closing during sleep, cutting off the airway and waking up the body. If left untreated, it can increase the risk of "I Heart New York."

“The lips of truth shall be established for ever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment, ephemeral."

Lying lips are dealing
abomination to the Eternal,
but that they kneel down
with their descendants around

while smoking is directly
linked to the mouth,
itself all lips, tongue, throat,
voicebox, gullet, kidney, bladder,
pancreas, stomach and gall.

Some pharyngeal consonants
if just sipped would
produce a burning of the lips,
and also if swallowed,
destroy the muscles in the cheek.

Use a mirror to look inside
your mouth, including the roof,
cheeks, lips, gums
and under the tongue.

Examine for any white or red
spot that stands out. My tongue
was licking it while my lips
were completely inside my mouth

and then releasing it, to start again.

It was an oral solution of, it was of the chemical and tongue, it was for the form, and suckling as if to take it in. However, the patient difficulty of swallowing saliva, one hour after an oral comparison and patchy application of nutricosmetics or cosmeceuticals left me impatient.

I grabbed my wallet and lip balm, and then, on impulse, grabbed my bottle of cologne, pulled out my waistband, sucked in my stomach, and gave myself an order to pronounce “th” as in “think” and “thanks”. I will place the front part of my tongue against the lower edge of your upper lip and try to say ‘t’.

I only mumble through bruised lips with this badly cut tongue: “I didn’t know anyone had this kind of power. I'll keep asking the good Lord to help me out, to finally settle the age-old 'spit or swallow' conundrum." I prefer the do-what-you-feel strategy. Unless there's funky spunk involved, there's really no reason not to take a small sip for Flavour, drawing a little air in through your lips. I use my tongue to swill the wine around my mouth and chew at it.

My bottom lip seemed to be trembling as my teeth ground together and bit into a thick wad of chewing gum (or maybe that was my tongue).

I have an oral thrush living inside my mouth. It's a small to medium-sized songbird with white patches on it's breast, and to be perfectly candid, it's caused by a fungal infection of the lips, tongue, and gums. It is most common in the young, but I've never given lip service to being other than I am.

"I come from the bogeyman world,"
Timmons says of his rock
and toil image. I don't
know, it's kinda fleshy,
in my mouth. A little startled,

I spit the beer
on my palm and
conscious to the stairs,
stand in the bathroom.

Then, weekend!
out with some
girlfriends we fired
the weekly lip.

Next, I was gloss,
counting participants
for news of private
percent lines and
patient contests.

Mucous comes in
the night, a gloss
on our lips, on
up to your skin.