blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

March 20, 2008

lip service!

Twiggy was a fixture around town,
in white-face and blackened eyes,
among the soft tissue of the poincianas.

Despite gallons of blood,
throat slicing galore and enough
smashed skulls to justify a certificate,
these horrors were not the scariest
elements of perfect texture—so smooth
they melt so delightfully in your mouth.

No tug of war among teeth, tongue
and throat for this exquisitely done rice cake!

Tasting spit salivating from your lips,
and a magnetic force to your grip.

A message of bitter hate
ignites like fire from
the lump in your throat,
sprinting over your willing tongue
before being captured
by pursed lips.

Sharpening the tart edge of your tongue comes naturally.

March 16, 2008

March 12, 2008

Lip Service...

I once dreaded the old saliva glands,
they tend to get in an uproar
when you shove your tongue
down my throat, eager,
a tongue lying for truth.

The wind is now blowing more powerfully, and it whispers loudly, like a thousand lips shushing high up in the sky, as it sifts through my mouth, as dry as the desert a second ago, now awash with saliva, as this piece of cactus begins to take on the disturbing consistency of raw flesh,

the back of the throat collapsing over the air.

It's bad for your teeth,
to brighten someone's day,
now, like a plague
that children find amusing.

March 04, 2008

LA-Lit Makes Its PennSound Debut

Hello All - I am very excited! LA-Lit is making it's debut at Penn Sound!
If you don't know pennsound - check it out - it's an amazing audio archive of poetry and poetics.

Stop by PennSound at and you'll see the announcement on the front page of the site or go to our page at pennsound:

Today, we're launching a new page for LA-Lit, an innovative podcast series hosted by Mathew Timmons and Stephanie Rioux. Recorded at Betalevel, the program seeks to capture "the shifting nature of Los Angeles as a place," through the voices of "poets, novelists, hybridists, and non-genre text authors" living in or visiting the LA area. The series features readings and conversations with authors familiar to PennSound listeners — including Lee Ann Brown, Will Alexander, Sawako Nakayasu and Diane Ward — along with panel discussions on LA and Bay Area poetics; yet, perhaps even more importantly, LA-Lit provides an opportunity to discover emerging voices within this thriving West Coast literary community.

We're introducing the series with twenty-four episodes recorded between 2005 and 2007, and will be adding newer episodes at a later date. Click on the title above to visit PennSound's LA-Lit series page, which includes details on specific episodes as well as a link to LA-Lit's home page, where you'll find photos, author bios and information on how you can attend upcoming recording sessions.

March 03, 2008

more lip service

First, to hold you,
the wine in your mouth,
purse your lips and
inhale gently as if

to create a noise
bubbling through children.
They find this immense
and amusing.

Use the upper back
part of the throat
to create an immense noise
that’s indisputable.

As you hold the first letter 'a'
in your mouth, purse your lips and
pout. Lips send sexual signals,
inhale gently through them.

Nothing drives up my temperature.
Established lips for a moment,
coming from the right lips.
Are you running the tip of your tongue?

My heart is beating like the drummer of Deep Purple
on a good session.
A pure tongue not recommended for conversation.
I could not help squeezing my legs and letting go.
It is impossible to know anyone just by their words
and the movements of their lips and tongue.
There is a saying that the tongue has no bone.
That's the most severe concern.

Bubbling over an opened mouth,
an occasional "Honey" does nothing.
Tobacco spit increases the risk.
PS – I was swallowing my saliva.

Pickles, liver, broccoli, asparagus, tomato juice
and lots of other things
show the government is speaking with a forked tongue.

Get the old saliva glands in an uproar.
Make yourself known,
buying stamps or filling your gas tank,
with shimmering lips.

Another unlucky diner ate three bites,
he noticed tingling in his tongue and
right side of his mouth followed by
a light feeling from a few years back.