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April 27, 2009

General Projects Openings at Outpost!

By Dorsey Dunn
Set for a Play that Doesn’t Exist
By Janne Larsen in collaboration with Mathew Timmons
Friday, May 1 from 7-10pm
General Projects at Outpost for Contemporary Art

By Dorsey Dunn
projected text, sound; dimensions variable

Ecliptic is a single piece of narrative movement projected on up to three adjoining walls. It is a capturing of the interior voice and a visualization of the recessional quality of the mind’s present moment. From the right, a discontinuous stream of language pops suddenly into view. The words move leftward at a walking pace, their thin line of monologue traveling unfettered through space. The words form a twenty-minute looped interior monologue which is written such that the observer may pick up threads of the conversation’s main themes at any time: the text ‘updates’ itself, and tracks back on itself, frequently. A minimalist bed of ambient sound accompanies the projection.

Set for a Play that Doesn’t Exist
By Janne Larsen in collaboration with Mathew Timmons

The Play that Doesn’t Exist, ‘An Information of Skin’ centers on the absence of characters and the buildup of detritus. The Play that Doesn’t Exist, ‘Detritus’ is about the building of flesh upon flesh. The Play that Doesn’t Exist, ‘Dermatitis’ celebrates Demeter’s gift of cereal to humankind as two (or three, maybe four) characters banter over the longest breakfast that turns successively into lunch then dinner and then again into breakfast. The Play that Doesn’t Exist is a war between time passing and the nature of our humanity celebrating Demeter’s gift of flesh upon flesh upon flesh upon flesh upon flesh. Duration is the constant timeline as time struggles with becoming new again—an emotional overhaul, confronting and discarding it’s own skin. Characters struggle with and are eventually won over by anonymity and absence as they find themselves immersed within a Set for a Play that Doesn’t Exist.

Dorsey Dunn is a Los Angeles-based artist. His work in sound, text and image, in the form of installations, performances and written and recorded works, is an extended meditation on the perimeters of language, the movements of silence, and the vagaries of comprehension. Languages, spoken and sounded, in their multiplicities of gesture and meaning, are a primary concern, as are considerations of memory, spatial presence, and will. Dorsey regularly exhibits and performs his sound-led installations and music in the US and internationally. He has received invitations to exhibitions and residencies around the world, most recently to Q-O2 Gallery in Brussels; the new media lab TESLA in Berlin; Jack Straw New Media Gallery in Seattle; Festival International de Arte Digital, Rosario, Argentina; MusicAcoustica in Beijing; and Is Arti in Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania. Previously, he edited an international literary magazine, Trafika, based in Prague and New York. He was educated in New York City.

Bridging the gap between installation art and set design, Janne Larsen translates text and dimensionality into new forms of expression. Her work explores spatial development in performance and gallery dynamics. Through social experiments in art, Larsen breaks through the fourth wall by challenging the structures behind preconceived notions of art and performance. Janne Larsen received her B.A in philosophy from DePaul University and in 2007 received her M.F.A from CalArts. A Los Angeles based installation artist and set designer, Janne Larsen has exhibited at Telic Arts Exchange, workspace, L.A Municipal Gallery, UCLA’s Kerkhoff Gallery, The Fine Arts complex at Cal State L.A., Art House Gallery, BetaLevel, and the Museum of Contemporary Art DC. She has also designed sets at Pomona College, Bootleg, The Odyssey, Caltech, and Cal Arts. Janne has recently been published in the magazine, “Zen Monster” and is currently working on a book of illustrations entitled “Tea Parties” with Amanda Tomme. In the upcoming year, sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Culture, Janne expects to bring the tragedy, Medea, to the Daveli Cave outside of Athens, Greece.

Mathew Timmons is a writer, curator and critic in Los Angeles. He is General Director of General Projects at various locations including Outpost for Contemporary Art and The Ups & Downs, an installation series, at workspace. He also co-edits/curates Insert Press (w/ Stan Apps), LA-Lit (w/ Stephanie Rioux), Late Night Snack (w/ Harold Abramowitz) and he is the Los Angeles editor of Joyland. A chapbook, Lip Service is recently out from Slack Buddha Press. His first full-length book, The New Poetics (Les Figues Press), his micro-book collaboration with Marcus Civin, a particular vocabulary (P S Books), and a chapbook, Lip Music (By the Skin of Me Teeth), are forthcoming. His work may be found in various journals, including: P-Queue, Holy Beep!, Flim Forum, The Physical Poets, NōD, PRECIPICe, Or, Moonlit, aslongasittakes, eohippus labs, Area Sneaks, Artweek, The Magazine and The Encyclopedia Project.

April 20, 2009

Eleven Things in 3 Catagories

Artists and Projects:

Odd Dadameter

literary things

April 05, 2009

Lip Service for Lip Service: A Review!

Stan Apps reviewed my new chapbook - Lip Service!
Thanks Stan Apps.