blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

October 31, 2005

1 Dubious I

1DubiousI copy
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October 30, 2005


angles angles ankles,
angles angles angel
angel angles angel
angles ankles, angles
angel angles angel
angles ankles, angles
angel ankles, angles
angles ankles, anything
anything anything, apple-pie
apple-pie apple-pie apple-pie
apple-pie apple-pie apple-pie
apple-pie ablaze appalls
appalls dubious; ebb,"


darkly. everything
got-up his
petrified ants.
boulders, central
darkly shots
during sticks,
dream-sensation sketch
dark-red lips
stuck dubious;
let stick
dubious; let
stick dubious;
let stuck
dubious; lot
stuck dubious;

dubious alacrity

back alacrity.
back alacrity.
back alacrity.
back, alacrity.
back alacrity.
back dubious;
exchanged gets
his insignificant
mournful quick
risking stopped
waving astonishment.
bodies. collapse
dubious; fog
I staves
as besides,
dubious; face
looking staves
accursed dubious;
lot shadows
dubious; let


dance? shields, devastation. shields,
shields, shields, shields, Dash
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, shields, shields,
shields, shields, deficiencies, shields,

October 25, 2005

I out

I pushed out
and I left on
their walls
away to leave
their walls
I to be I, a means
never clear
ever unclear
out of self
no longer left off
anywhere to anything
anything to breathe
one wasn’t one breath
isn’t I, one
I subject
object I me
I’m e in you
you subject
you object
I’m in you

sounds pretty violet
in violent plush
hair without chair
here without there
they’re you
eye you, eyeing
on turned off

October 21, 2005

I time space

there isn’t a space
I could walk into
without thinking, where
you are. where are
you? there isn’t a time
I could walk into
that I wouldn’t think,
where you were? there
will not be a time where
a space could be
that I could walk into.
there would never, could
never be a time there
would never be, there
will never be
a time.

and there isn’t
a locate there
is not a spot
there would not
be a place there
I thinking locate
there I thinking
not, of course there
isn’t there never
would. wood not be
knot there stain
on stair to wait
on color in literati.
in lie or our tie.
ever so, ever so, ever so
ever so, never? I know
there I don’t understand
here. I don’t understand
her—him here wouldn’t
be a take of you. take you.

I am...

on There is a recording posted up on of a performance I did for a friend's class. I performed some of my own work along with some Hugo Ball, Christian Bök, Kurt Schwitters and Gertrude Stein. Go here to listen (I apologize for the sound quality).

Also, I performed a sound poetry cut up / live experimental oulipian substitution at the inaugural Swine reading at CalArts. The Swine reading series was originally called The Pig and was started by CalArts' MFA Writing Program's first Dean, Dick Hebdige (I make the mistake of calling him Dick Higgins during the performance). About once a month over the course of several years, the MFA Writers and MFA Artists at CalArts would get together to dig a pit somewhere on campus and roast a pig--of course there would also be alot of drinking, etc... and legend has it that people would spontaneously begin to read from their work. A reading series was born, called The Pig. But the reading series died out somewhere around the turn of the last century. While I was a student at CalArts I revived the reading series and made the possibly fatal mistake of changing the name to Le Grandes Porcs or The Big Swine (on suggestion from Jon Wagner). After some protestations from the masses the name has been shortened to The Swine, and I hope it stays that way.
Ah, but to listen to the high quality audio recording of the entire performance go here.
Readers included (in the order they appeared): David Stromberg, Rene Ledezma, Amanda Ackerman, Mathew Timmons, Carribean Fragoza, Harold Abramowitz, and D. Alan Everett

I am not

I am not I beside I next to
I I I I I am one over
two divided by three and also
four there in no
I inside
beside leftover
quotient of
self I
selfish I there
was I over
heard I
I in form
I an a
I common
dream counter
punch an edible
delicious organelle

I am not the avant-garde
I don’t like the avant-garde
I am tired of the avant-garde
I hate the avant-garde
there is no avant-garde
the avant-garde does not exist
the avant-garde is profoundly inept
the avant-garde is unexperienced
the avant-garde is dead
the avant-garde was killed
by curiosity

October 07, 2005

Missing Indifference

-after Amelia Rosselli

Inside of grace a knot
Close to grace a pinwheel
Inside of tao are ways and menas
Close to grace they fade from grace
Outside fury, fury’s grace is closed
Such is the birth dashed against the spirit
Inside the spirit thrashing closed to chaos
Open to chaos inside the close spirit
Against the spirit an outside bridge
To find chaos as effect’s future
Letting pensive noise face
A defensive edge facing haste
Teaching waking, yes.
The yes diaphanous, etc…
Respected, safe a few go
Inside and close to grace

Shaping our visions walls
Maybe pacific and twitching
A becalmed disease well kept
The rest shaped outside an eyeglass
Patient and shiny against
An inside extensive
A cipher an aspect closed to grace.

October 02, 2005

Jason Brown, Bitter Mastermind

Jason Brown, Technical Coordinator of CalArts MFA Writing Program since 1999 and MFA graduate from 2000, gave a farewell presentation to a group of students and faculty in the Cube (Butler Building #4 on the CalArts campus, 25700 McBean Pkwy, Valencia, CA 91355). Multimedia artist Jason Brown recently edited NTNTNT, a book of net.artifacts. He is also the research director of, the creator of, and a founding member of the cooperative media lab Betalevel. J. Brown's Audio/Visual presentation covered aspects of the earliest forms of information technology and the development of the internet as well as how his own work functions within and alongside those developments and he included a description of the design and construction of CalArts MFA Writing Program's facilities and his participation in that process.
Visit to hear the audio portion of his talk.