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October 21, 2005

I am...

on There is a recording posted up on of a performance I did for a friend's class. I performed some of my own work along with some Hugo Ball, Christian Bök, Kurt Schwitters and Gertrude Stein. Go here to listen (I apologize for the sound quality).

Also, I performed a sound poetry cut up / live experimental oulipian substitution at the inaugural Swine reading at CalArts. The Swine reading series was originally called The Pig and was started by CalArts' MFA Writing Program's first Dean, Dick Hebdige (I make the mistake of calling him Dick Higgins during the performance). About once a month over the course of several years, the MFA Writers and MFA Artists at CalArts would get together to dig a pit somewhere on campus and roast a pig--of course there would also be alot of drinking, etc... and legend has it that people would spontaneously begin to read from their work. A reading series was born, called The Pig. But the reading series died out somewhere around the turn of the last century. While I was a student at CalArts I revived the reading series and made the possibly fatal mistake of changing the name to Le Grandes Porcs or The Big Swine (on suggestion from Jon Wagner). After some protestations from the masses the name has been shortened to The Swine, and I hope it stays that way.
Ah, but to listen to the high quality audio recording of the entire performance go here.
Readers included (in the order they appeared): David Stromberg, Rene Ledezma, Amanda Ackerman, Mathew Timmons, Carribean Fragoza, Harold Abramowitz, and D. Alan Everett


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