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October 07, 2005

Missing Indifference

-after Amelia Rosselli

Inside of grace a knot
Close to grace a pinwheel
Inside of tao are ways and menas
Close to grace they fade from grace
Outside fury, fury’s grace is closed
Such is the birth dashed against the spirit
Inside the spirit thrashing closed to chaos
Open to chaos inside the close spirit
Against the spirit an outside bridge
To find chaos as effect’s future
Letting pensive noise face
A defensive edge facing haste
Teaching waking, yes.
The yes diaphanous, etc…
Respected, safe a few go
Inside and close to grace

Shaping our visions walls
Maybe pacific and twitching
A becalmed disease well kept
The rest shaped outside an eyeglass
Patient and shiny against
An inside extensive
A cipher an aspect closed to grace.


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