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October 21, 2005

I time space

there isn’t a space
I could walk into
without thinking, where
you are. where are
you? there isn’t a time
I could walk into
that I wouldn’t think,
where you were? there
will not be a time where
a space could be
that I could walk into.
there would never, could
never be a time there
would never be, there
will never be
a time.

and there isn’t
a locate there
is not a spot
there would not
be a place there
I thinking locate
there I thinking
not, of course there
isn’t there never
would. wood not be
knot there stain
on stair to wait
on color in literati.
in lie or our tie.
ever so, ever so, ever so
ever so, never? I know
there I don’t understand
here. I don’t understand
her—him here wouldn’t
be a take of you. take you.


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