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July 30, 2009

Les Figues: Maneuvers

Les Figues Press is publishing a book by me! The New Poetics comes next year in their Trench Art: Maneuvers series. Each year they begin by publishing a book of aesthetic statements from the artists and writers participating in the series. Below is all the info you need to pick up a copy of the aesthetics... become a member, it's a great press!

Les Figues Press happily announces the fifth TrenchArt series:

TrenchArt: Maneuvers

aesthetics by:
Harold Abramowitz
Vincent Dachy
Lily Hoang
Paul Hoover
Mathew Timmons

Art by VD Collective
Design by Teresa Carmody
Book 1 of 5, TrenchArt: The Maneuvers Series
ISBN 13: 978-1-934254-11-0
39 pp. | handbound | hand-folded


Hand-bound in an edition of 250, TrenchArt: Maneuvers introduces the fifth annual TrenchArt series, with aesthetics written by participating series writers and visual artists. Maneuvers explores the possibilities of re-ordered time and content framed with the understanding that one cannot separate content from time, and that to shift the form or the order is to shift the subjectivies of a text. The participants in the 2009/2010 series are Harold Abramowitz, Lily Hoang, Paul Hoover, Matthew Timmons and Vincent Dachy.

Read Excerpts: YES!

TrenchArt is an annual subscription series of innovative literature and poetics. Become a SUBSCRIBING MEMBER and receive all five books in the TrenchArt Maneuvers series, as they are published, including:

• TrenchArt: Maneuvers, July 2009
• Sonnet 56 by Paul Hoover, November 2009
• Not Blessed by Harold Abramowitz, January 2010
• The Evolutionary Revolution by Lily Hoang, April 2010
• The New Poetics by Mathew Timmons, July 2010


Address postal inquiries to:
Les Figues Press
Teresa Carmody
PO Box 7736
Los Angeles, CA 90007

July 20, 2009

Review of Erik Frydenborg's show at Bonelli

My review of Erik Frydenborg's show Protein Recital at Bonelli Contemporary for The Magazine has been posted online if yr interested in reading...