blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

January 25, 2006

slow after held

like a slow drink
after a drink
held against rebellion
against distance
where desire travels
apart from simplicity
involved within fixity, trembling
deep into nothing
a rhythm skips
a dreamy thing
sitting table
a stool abstracted
from physicality left
out and down led to out and down
something else outside the lightest touch
fiery vein of resonance
forgotten, forgotten, forgiven
in the end is that a hope or
an angry request with
without response
yet watching for that
long fuse to get shorter
to lessen—to fall over
a part totality launched like
a hit to the gut
a trite left over from
a half speech never delivered

I will not be unindulged

January 21, 2006

fisch kitti bisch

a fish fishing it all
into hanging from hooks
sinking till ever other
voices wake us on sheets lined
with silver suits a familiar
hinging over the cast out
to see an amorphous pull
celestial, an incestual relation
the peak bleeds into the valley
over crested—pushed from, pushed till

moments coalesce in thoughts that break
across planes of conscious to recede
well up from memory changed
in shape, shifted in form, both
inside and out of context inscribed
beside inscription. The script conscripts
thought's movement concretely.


where a collage is cut whole from cloth
little spots dance across my retina
where points in the sky are neither far nor lorn
where orange haze floating at a distance provokes
where romantics are switched about, reflected
living spaces are short, expansive and dully colored
where being written is the same
where pineapples are glass
where observations are as the things observed
where looking and seeing mean the same
games are simple, difficult
where life is endured, not rural
where animals aren't cute
where places retain their favor
where a stamp is stuck on never
where seals are broken

of a

a taught language of a language
of teeny tiny a language of telemachine
tacitly a language of a language timely
a language of telemetry
a language of a language
of telephony a language
of temporality a language
trickery, a language
textuality, language of televisuality
a language of a language of a language of totality
of a language, tonsillectomy
a language, of language a tenacity
a tonality of, language of
of a language, of a territoriality
of language a temerity

January 13, 2006


I've heard this all before and it happened backwards, or should I say, but it occurred in reverse, then began again—it runs backwards then starts again—it turns over itself then leap frogs again—it takes one step back then two forward—it jumps back and leaps ahead—it skips over only to take off one more time—it skims over the surface, then in hindsight looks to the silt, the bracken water—it speeds by then screeches to a halt, pops it in reverse while facing down a steep hill and punches the clutch and steps on the gas, goes back a few houses, goes back a few blocks, stops, rolls forward again—in neutral—it leaps off the cliff to find itself stepping up to the crumbling edge—in stillness inertia creeps upon it, pushes it over, pulls it back up, pushes it over—again—touched to forget the sensation, then remembered, later—it came away slowly to come back quickly.