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July 30, 2009

Les Figues: Maneuvers

Les Figues Press is publishing a book by me! The New Poetics comes next year in their Trench Art: Maneuvers series. Each year they begin by publishing a book of aesthetic statements from the artists and writers participating in the series. Below is all the info you need to pick up a copy of the aesthetics... become a member, it's a great press!

Les Figues Press happily announces the fifth TrenchArt series:

TrenchArt: Maneuvers

aesthetics by:
Harold Abramowitz
Vincent Dachy
Lily Hoang
Paul Hoover
Mathew Timmons

Art by VD Collective
Design by Teresa Carmody
Book 1 of 5, TrenchArt: The Maneuvers Series
ISBN 13: 978-1-934254-11-0
39 pp. | handbound | hand-folded


Hand-bound in an edition of 250, TrenchArt: Maneuvers introduces the fifth annual TrenchArt series, with aesthetics written by participating series writers and visual artists. Maneuvers explores the possibilities of re-ordered time and content framed with the understanding that one cannot separate content from time, and that to shift the form or the order is to shift the subjectivies of a text. The participants in the 2009/2010 series are Harold Abramowitz, Lily Hoang, Paul Hoover, Matthew Timmons and Vincent Dachy.

Read Excerpts: YES!

TrenchArt is an annual subscription series of innovative literature and poetics. Become a SUBSCRIBING MEMBER and receive all five books in the TrenchArt Maneuvers series, as they are published, including:

• TrenchArt: Maneuvers, July 2009
• Sonnet 56 by Paul Hoover, November 2009
• Not Blessed by Harold Abramowitz, January 2010
• The Evolutionary Revolution by Lily Hoang, April 2010
• The New Poetics by Mathew Timmons, July 2010


Address postal inquiries to:
Les Figues Press
Teresa Carmody
PO Box 7736
Los Angeles, CA 90007


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