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April 23, 2007

Notes towards a Complex Textual Legitimacy Proclamation

Esoteric literature presupposes that there are basic truths which would not be pronounced in public by any decent man, because they would do harm to many people who, having being hurt, would naturally be inclined to hurt in turn him who pronounces the unpleasant truths.

To write a book is essentially to give a public teaching…

The seemingly infinite variety of ways in which a given teaching can be understood does not do away with the fact that the originator of the doctrine understood it in one way only, provided he was not confused.

My argument is not uncontroversial.

This might be, at least in part, a construction and the projection into the past of a personal project.

The ability to produce the intangible is always dependent on a specific cultural faculty of perception and apprehension.

Earlier commentary editions of vernacular literature generally restricted themselves to random comments on the text and the actions of the protagonists, without any attempt to produce a systematic analysis of the text as a whole.

If you should ever need my life, then come and take it.

So I invoke unities like 'marketing' and 'social construction', and indeed 'mainstream' merely in order to destabilise and then reconstruct them in the pursuit of my own literary marketing agenda.

Generating understanding into how various texts have been worked up, sustained and defended through language and other symbolic practices allows for space, I argue, within which creative and increasingly valuable research can ensue.

Each text, laboratory, author and discipline strives to establish a world in which its own interpretation is made more likely by virtue of the increasing number of people from whom it extracts compliance.

Overall I feel such an approach is slightly disappointing.

First, trash connotes that which ought to be discarded, a sort of instant garbage; second, it connotes cheapness, shoddiness, the overflow of the capitalist commodity system. Third, it connotes a superficial glitter designed to appeal to those whose tastes are ill-formed according to the dominant perspective…Fourth, trash is excessive: it has more vulgarity, more tastelessness, more offensiveness than is necessary for its function as a cheap commodity.

The familiar argument is that in order to inform the audience you must first gain its attention.

The high standards of yesterday are being undermined by sensationalism, prurience, triviality, malice, and plain, simple credulity.

According to various media theorists and experts, the growth of media and cultural industries and the rise of the information society coincides with a pervasive sense of declining cultural, educational and political standards or 'dumbing down'.

While there may be more information available, the quality of this information as well as public understanding is declining. Public ignorance and apathy is growing as the serious, challenging and truthful is being pushed aside by the trivial, sensational, vulgar and manipulated.

Through an analysis of the genre's unique signifying process and generic conventions, this analysis will illuminate a dynamic relationship between textual producers and consumers that necessitates the devolpment of a new theoretical model for examining audiences, what I will call the "productive" audience model.

April 20, 2007


To come together, and be with each other and to answer for each and to each. This implies a form of expression, of mutual response, the answering of things to each other, but before being extended so as to express the action or relation of one side only, without abandoning the notion of mutuality.

To answer to someone or something else in fit respect--to agree with; to be agreeable or comfortable; to be congruous or in harmony with, knowing right well that you will soon accuse yourself, and shall correspond to the perfect expectation, and firm opinion that others have of you.

Seldom in places that lack correspondence, happily this life is best and corresponds well to its stiff age. Things are real and true as they correspond to their conception, as our nature corresponds to our external condition. The prudence of execution shall correspond to the wisdom of design--the outward and secret actions seldom corresponding. Habits dwell in correspondence.

Their education answers to character and function; being similar to and/or analogous to (rarely with) the riches of an assembly that corresponds to something like a parliament. Seen in these little Animals are the Instincts and Emotions, which correspond to what you observe in Creatures of bigger Dimensions. Observe a Man and The Pleasures and Pains which correspond as Opposites to each other. Their general assembly, corresponding to Plato's slave, the Polity… corresponding curiously even to Caliban.

To answer or agree in regard to position, amount, etc… The days, throughout the year, are found not to be equal, and will not justly correspond with any artificial or mechanic equal measures of time. The degrees of condensation in the air correspond to the degrees of cold that pass like screwholes in the flanks that do not correspond to each other. In Other Worlds the bright lines of the coronal spectrum correspond in position to those seen in the spectrum of the aurora and the silver penny is sure to correspond with a pennyweight.

To respond or answer concordingly, she was by him, hopefully visited, and as well sent letters and presents. She reciprocally corresponded. Having received so great a favour, she entered into correspondence with proportionable endeavour. Perhaps she may not correspond to his passion after a series of unfriendly proceedings, to which he had corresponded with a manly temperance. Life and youth correspond to their cares.

To be in accord, compliant, or complaisant with, he was not only negligent in his correspondence, but with that deference he had within him, he also had the courage to dispute commands. It is in the Interest of two Powers to correspond. To hold communication or intercourse (with), often secret intercourse in the belief that the Sun does with or to this idyll, correspond. Then, they might the more easily correspond, hold intelligence, consult together, around the World. One would not fail to correspond with the other, even if by the passages of the mountains.

As in commercial relations, scarlet Exchanges and the trouble of corresponding and negotiating Affairs gathered from the letters of merchants, and others, who correspond abroad.

As in sexual intercourse, for example, when a Babylonian and his wife have a mind to correspond. And to speak of Things: To communicate, have communication, 'to be in vital or sensible communication’. The Lignous Body, by means of many small Fibres, corresponds with the Parenchyma. By Natural Law an Amoeba can only communicate with the smallest possible area of Environment and an insect corresponds with a wider area.

To communicate (with another) by a series of letters--I had yours of last week, and by reason of some sudden encumbrances I could not correspond with you by the same Carrier. I say that those who have a mind to correspond with me, may direct their Letters to the Spectator. If this were a Love Story, if we were acknowledged Lovers, we would correspond and meet as such, answering to each other, and being agreeable with each other as such. The New Names corresponding to their virtues and offices.

April 14, 2007

An Expression of The Tripartite Expression of Napoleon's Dominance.

There was time. And Right Now it is Happening. There will come a time when it will pass. I was Napoleon. Napoleon's art of war is himself. Napoleon will disavow suggestions that his work is formulaic. War was Hell. Napoleonic War is nothing, but complex. The Napoleonic Campaigns will be an exhaustively debilitating analysis. Battles were raging. There are battles in the pyramids. In Egypt, in Cairo, the troops will go crazy. Napoleon was wouded. I am the greatest commander ever. All will be killed in action or taken prisoner. I loved canons. The smoke from them is beautiful. The sound of canons will tell of my glory. They were sleeping. I am awake, full of you. Your image will leave no rest to my senses. You were awake. The night is full of pleasures. The memory of last night's intoxication will never pass. Josephine loved not. Power is my mistress, not you. France, the Army, you will be the Army, Josephine. I was Romantic. These are good fields of fire. Napoleon will have complete freedom of movement, or nothing. My horse died. My horse, dead in the streets. I'll survive unscathed, my horse shot dead beneath me. I was heroic. I fulfill the titles of glory. I'll become a national hero in two days time. She was Rose. Now, she is Josephine, my lover. She will be Empress of the French, with me. I was married. I hate, detest, her name Rose. For me, my love, you will always be Josephine. This was real. I am in love with Josephine. I will come to loath her, and her name. I knew everything. They tell everyone of my fame. Le Journal de Bonaparte will be an enormous success. Napoleon was masterful. I've an uncanny sense of it. The intelligence which will show me when to strike. That was that. I cannot love you any longer. You'll die a wretch, truly perverse, and only Josephine. Napoleon was enlightened. I'm devoted to the Enlightenment's principles. I'll deploy intellectual resources as a masterstroke of propaganda. I wrote you. You do not love your husband. Will you write to me as my faithful lover? What are you? What do you do all day? You'll stifle and push aside the love you promised? Who took you? Who takes you away from me? I will be forever your love and supreme commander! There were canons. I am the canons en masse. They will know my name, because I am Napoleon! I was broken. One fine night the doors break. The doors will break down and there I'll be. I was worried. I have no news from you. Your delightful words will fill my heart with joy. There was rain. There is snow in the fields. The snow white fields will turn red with blood. She was Empress. She is all of my Empire. Napoleon's Empire is going to stretch completely across her. I was Napoleonic. Who came first – Napoleon the first. Who will go there before me – Napoleon the first. I was king. The new king reigns over you. You will be conquered by me, the new king. Power was mysterious. I'm tired of all this grandeur. At twenty-nine I will have exhausted everything for you. I judged judge. I'm judging you all right now. And your eyes will cast me in glowing fire. Were you angry? My sad soul breaks with grief. And there will be no rest for your lover. She adorned years. Years of my life are passing. The memory will always remain engraved on my heart. You soldiers came. I am now bidding you farewell. I will accompany you on the road to honor. We had courage. These are the days of prosperity. With men like you our cause won't be lost. War was interminable. All of France suffers this misfortune. But Russia will not drag our homeland into civil war. We've served faithfully. I have sacrificed all my interests. My soldiers will show an inexpressible confidence in me. Napoleon was conquered. I do not regret my fate. I go, but you will continue to serve France. France has faded. Her happiness is my only thought. It will still be the object of my wishes. Fate wasn't regretful. I have consented to survive it. I will write the history of the great achievements. Time has gone. I say goodbye to you all. There will come a time of new found glory. Forgiveness was gone. My heart is obsessed by you. Yours will be built out of lace and gossamer. I had armies. You love me less and less. In a few years war will change beyond recognition. Revolution was over. My Great Republic has no governmnent. And the constitution, you yourselves will have it destroyed. All was destroyed. My glory is won in battle. Waterloo will erase the memory of so many battles. I was courageous. I am proud of my courage. If France can rise again, then so will I! We were happy. Love comes all of a sudden. And with love will come only the greatest war. The Army perished. In truth I am worried, love. I will hold you in my arms before long. Josephine was mine! Russia is now shrouded in winter. I'll be distressed not to call her by name. Love was bare. Nature has endowed me with character. Napoleon will be loved by you, all of you. The soldiers died. They are fire, and they burn. My Grand Army will come to gather around me. Things went downhill. You are ill and far away. My troops will dwindle in numbers as we retreat. I was suffocating. The two armies are now moving. One will outwit the other, Victory to the cleverer. I was withdrawn. And now I come to you. Will you all leave me in this cold winter? Napoleon was dead. The troops are tired and hungry. Both Russia and Josephine will soon be mine again! I begged you. Apart from you there is no joy. And now you are going to repeat it all.