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September 28, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 14

in newly built order
to interrupt the revolting grasp
and connected solutions
in search, strength to reduce
subject as to subjectively

is that which abolishes
separately evaluated
all about in between and front
it completes to take on the one
hand to hunt for
it is not the possible
some matter

have, the personal
approximately, practice it is not
recently in order to stop
in order to seize the solution
humility is attached
search to reduce
inside concerns

a toolbox becomes it
and presents it
to create itself, the aid;
believed at the same time
the situation for the lucky
aid to termination
the output

use of transmitting
the function is how
which how, not also
is the number
on the left of
which needs?

along the feather escaping
adapted and buried with the patient
who is possible from you
in substitution the crisis
to look up and not really solve

connection must take from to try
on one hand of one year old,
beyond interests this pleasant
code of the code
in all the flows, forces
the disposition of mystifications
the resistance through all the senses
from the fever
of organization
of circumstance
of resistance
of paranoia
scrumbled directly before the secret
the end to group

it does not add
it is the surface
over the loss
and of the art
in addition opposition

possibly the animal of loss
the art of the vegetable
and the ore in the house
the existence of social sciences
the first person
of Adam everything
like to journey
was She pleased
the inner part exclusively
between the erasures
and finished

September 27, 2005

LA-Lit at is one of the strangest libraries I've ever encountered--part Borges library, part McLuhan's dream...
You can now find LA-Lit on

LA-Lit1a w/ Ara Shirinyan

LA-Lit1b w/ Ara Shirinyan

LA-Lit2a w/ Stan Apps

LA-Lit2b w/ Stan Apps

LA-Lit3 w/ Julien Poirier


September 10, 2005

Insert PressSmall

Insert PressSmall
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A first, very rough draft of an Insert Press logo, the chapbook press that Stan, Ara and I are starting up. The first book will be Harold Abramowitz's comments-four-eight-sixteen. The press will be under the Make Now umbrella and distributed by spdbooks.

Any comments, suggestions are appreciated as I will obviously be doing a drastic redesign soon.

September 09, 2005


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An important message from one of our former religious leaders.

September 05, 2005

Big Changes ch ch ch

OK, so I haven't posted here in a while and that's partly because I have made myself fairly busy with things, part of that being to study for the GRE in Lit and reading things like Fairy Queen and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I wasn't in the mood to actually post comments about everything I was reading. I've realized I am interested in writing about things I am reading, but I am interested in researching authors before I write about them, so some things I will read and not post about, or will post very little about, whereas other things I will spend a lot of time studying so that I actually have something to say that's a little more revealing than casual blog posts like this one.

I'm also going to begin using this blog as my regular everyday blog or main blog (though I know I won't really post to it everyday). I got into blogging kindof late, and because I am rather project oriented I only started a blog if it fit a particular project. Now that I've wandered around I realize that most of the old guard bloggers have just one blog that they use for posting any and everything, whereas I have 7 or 8 specialized blogs.

So, I'm changing this blog. I may change the name, layout, etc. in the future, but you won't be able to see the process happening unless you come back every so often.


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In homage to Stephanie Young's photostream on flickr and especially her long standing obsession with neon.


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In Chinatown next to the Mountain Bar


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At Betalevel in Chinatown, myself and Steph recording an interview for LA-Lit with Stan Apps--talking about his book Inforation.


Originally uploaded by Anathemata.
At Betalevel in Chinatown, myself and Steph recording an interview for LA-Lit with Stan Apps--talking about his book Inforation.

September 04, 2005


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Why shave if you look this good with a beard?


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Ara distrusts the ability of the image to evoke his words...

Ara Shirinyan stands in the alleyway outside Betalevel while on a break in recording the first edition of LA-Lit.