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March 03, 2008

more lip service

First, to hold you,
the wine in your mouth,
purse your lips and
inhale gently as if

to create a noise
bubbling through children.
They find this immense
and amusing.

Use the upper back
part of the throat
to create an immense noise
that’s indisputable.

As you hold the first letter 'a'
in your mouth, purse your lips and
pout. Lips send sexual signals,
inhale gently through them.

Nothing drives up my temperature.
Established lips for a moment,
coming from the right lips.
Are you running the tip of your tongue?

My heart is beating like the drummer of Deep Purple
on a good session.
A pure tongue not recommended for conversation.
I could not help squeezing my legs and letting go.
It is impossible to know anyone just by their words
and the movements of their lips and tongue.
There is a saying that the tongue has no bone.
That's the most severe concern.

Bubbling over an opened mouth,
an occasional "Honey" does nothing.
Tobacco spit increases the risk.
PS – I was swallowing my saliva.

Pickles, liver, broccoli, asparagus, tomato juice
and lots of other things
show the government is speaking with a forked tongue.

Get the old saliva glands in an uproar.
Make yourself known,
buying stamps or filling your gas tank,
with shimmering lips.

Another unlucky diner ate three bites,
he noticed tingling in his tongue and
right side of his mouth followed by
a light feeling from a few years back.


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