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June 16, 2005

Last Nights of Paris 1

Well, I read this a couple weeks back while taking a trip with my sister from Phoenix to Kansas City, MO (the town where I grew up). We drove for three days in a 26 foot rental truck, diesel. It was big and I had a lot of time to sit and stare at things. Soupault's book kept on ending up in my hands. This book is very simple, there's no elaborate plot, no intrigue really (although intrigue is one of the main subjects of the book), you don't turn the page to find out who's gonna get it next, but I couldn't put this book down for very long. The narrator's obsession with the shadows of the world he found himself in became your obsession, an interesting transference I think.
I haven't yet written about this book here because I've been researching Abish and doing other reading as well. I have found some resources on Soupault, but not many. My research has found small mentions in larger works by or about Breton of course, but not much directly about Soupault and specifically about Last Nights of Paris. I'm going to put together what I can and say a bit more later.


At 2:03 AM, Blogger emmagan said...

oui c'est une belle vision des Dernières Nuits de Paris... je m'efforce de construire un espace autour de Soupault : c'est en construction, mais j'essairai de ne pas parler (trop) de Breton!

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