blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

June 27, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 10

The body does not have
that which is not original
not worthy to mention, the evidence
disappears, gives it any complete remaining types.
This belief concerning the body
inside the cheeks gazing, hoping
no body presses back
in order to check the last of thereafter,
and takes with expanded pursuit the calculation.

This felt in the manner of a device stopped
you test the device of gazing, hoping of no body
taking with broad persecution the invoice.

The unit in its all connections
does not become easily steady in the passage
the unit, the body, the locking output of the noises
an organization it does not have inside.

A linear series, the situation which forms determination
an enormous unified object, the body east of life
requires exact passion for the life span of the unit,
because dead ones are easily integrated,
and you require life passionately for death.

one believed with consideration
the unit is not arrested
an internal part leaves the body
controls the unit’s hopeful gaze
pressure behind an exterior one in order
to control, since the last returns.

it becomes hard to withstand all the sounds
the machine running the body.
The body does not have
one to mention the obvious,
it disappears where there is any whole type remaining.

a series of situations which form this body
life beseeches ardently, wishes for the life,
the device accurately demands duration
inoperative men demand inoperative women,
inoperative women demand inoperative men.

the body, not a line
spitefully and with interest,
the creation of determination
create the symptom of separation
not the body of easy organization.