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June 24, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 8

The body without bodies,
the unproductive one, the unconsumable,
used as a surface
receiving the whole process of desire,
the wishes seeming to emanate
from the objective movement
which draws up a relationship
between the wish and
the body without bodies.

The body without bodies uses the unconsumable
during the accommodation of complete desire,
so that desire seems to leak
into the obvious motion which sets up
a relation between the body and
the bodies without body.

The bodies without body then unproductive
enduring a surface of desire
so that desire works
it seems outside
it installs blots on
the body without bodies.

In a word, full body
a surface of forms stored up
leaking out from this surface.
An attraction takes place now
can take the place of repulsion later
which forms a succession of bodies.

thus come to superimpose
advances in the method
a method of inscription

The body without bodies,
uses the surface of desire,
as well as works desire
to look like a loop installing splodges
in the way of the bodies without body.

miraculating success in a manner
high geniuses identical to
the body without bodies

The bodies without body unconsolable
obvious splodges installed,
memory of the desire—oblivious—
in the body without bodies

an applicable consciousness of a false movement,
an applicable conception of movement,
an applicable surface
separation comes to put the connection
left over to begin from description

a simple misadventure of wishes
occurs when the last can not tolerate any more
a result of the bodies without body
as a full body of forms seems to emanate

just a mental disturbance
not an aware disturbance

a word complete, outside,
splitting, starting description

The returns of attraction an hour decides
without any doubt the old continues
made to exist in the voices of
mocking remark which test the bodies
check any doubt in the form of voices
of the scoffing notes existing in particular.

The relative mental riot,
only the mental riot memorized
the law which regulates the later coupling,
import two suggested bodies to the body without bodies.

Like all quantities, the same thing sliding,
ventilating its own insanity.
Unconscious insanity
breaks up just as it condenses
on the body without bodies

actually exceeded unmistakably up into law
whose law is identical, clinging so narrowly
to the very operation miraculated
a world perverted and enchanted
occurs quickly, and black mood
does not try to solve the essential thing

the establishment of a magic
the fetish we passed imperceptibly
in a field attached to the body without bodies
with the same thing slipping on the surface.
the differences which always rise
in the same motion they shift and slip.

one perverted and bewitched world trying
to solve, the mechanism of a magic surface
maintained to indicate the bodies without body
only simply a misfortune of blots, some of desire:
blots of desire on the body without bodies

the means are joined, tightened
to control the shape of voices
all the doubt continues in splodges

the rollbacks of the hour of attraction
decide and make a place to exist in the detail
between the differences magnifying the same
a misfortune of white spots

it is the result of a loop among them
only the mental uproar is not a mental uproar
producing chains of bodies without body
in one move they are made to slip
the process is lazy, from the beginning
a broken ignition


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