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June 24, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 6

destroy the assemblages, reassemble the destruction
resemble the destruction, aging symbol
mineral support, radical energy
to learn a movable insanity

metaphors of simple steps
and the relations necessary
something produced, deviated
a passage, a better model

relations with the external world
celestial stars or elbows of rain in the sky
this one of the body
whirr me, continue

not to be seen that
a nature eats nature
in accordance with a division
slightly perfectly obviously

a visa that must start
a fantastic oppression to leave a wish

that which will examine being
I eat and eat the person
the human member to be a specific nature
but a nature that eats a specific nature

it is possible in some nature, in the industry
of spoons they are two
different ones and other things
starting from an aspect, the antagonist of nature

a natural material, the industry’s
New Year’s gift

the other sound you turn to reject


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