blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

June 22, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 1

To be defective recently
more necessarily more theoretically
like a shipment well anchored
and thus bad

theory that very definitely calms
calm that definitive sum
happening in our time of revelation
and specialization says where we lack, badly

technical desire to each—terminal
and a symptom, this one finished, multiplied—desire

I was binary bed
present in the display of structure and lack.
I finish, I am nevertheless of the unfavorable enemy
the strategic opposition more than tactical

agreement, not only historical
its uses and mobilizations
could use the effect of desire very red
of masses but the same

ours of control and our daily behavior
the soft true thing that moves
with the control of a train
the western lagoon, the form of sufficient thought

so that, to be able to
fund the access to reality
the difference runs for to sanctify positively
for the unities, the movable and multiple preferences

regular systems in the faith
the ways of sedentary nomads