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June 24, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 9

argue gangrenous metaphor
in the real, symbols
the engine of ire
the ideal zone

language makes a run
while a series of contracts
bind the symbol with the symbol
an exclusive metaphor embellished

symbol put in symbolic relief

speak night there in rich lungs
for identity to identify storms
announcing these ardent totalities
their homes complete and verbalized

or find the synchronic moment
that put only my risen triangle
of a constellation beyond the clouds
all this broken logic dying uselessly

snails on quaaludes
archaism turned into nostalgia
a night to wear the classic wig
not implicitly exceptional
the future built and verified
a utopic fire with time

Invented and presented
grains before the widening mast
the account at the time
the art of contemporary history
the account of languages appearance
between two systems in clean speech.

the variable period precipitated this kind
of freedom: a bad machine, a good machine—
engage with the other machine of sex
the functioning machine of the machines.

mark the examined libido
nonreducible impersonal sexual marking
first violation ambivalent and overdetermined
Irony parsing martyrs in its denim sleep

conscious submission to a negative
emancipation only in the public
the area exceeded for the subject
the period to mean death

extension of the narration of the social
exist there so like the narration
discussions of terminated portraits
by doses a little excitation
a larger problem feeding the seed.


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