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June 27, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 11

charm sees itself as a holistic picture
with an art of the self in fragments
so the misunderstanding is better
falls together in its own collection
the first stage in the language fancy
in order to possibly speak something
the free play of the system

a book never holds you to a total value
but safely lives, the stamp of lack
making tell of new history
causes a demand in everyone.
gives a position around us
in the clay tone to leave

a building twisting, to dig gutters
by the model which begins the end
the picture of a lucky goal
the visitor announces the very private person
of poetry noise under the umbrella of a border
to let it seem modern, tolerance for the separation

the seed of charm so that war found our misrecognition
falls together clean, the forest of models perhaps speak
the free play misses plugging the realization of new
tells the history which causes the question.
it sends always only towards the exile
in the tone of clay, hollow

the deprived person, the noise of poetry
below the umbrella border
appealing to the prospect of old work
saving time in language, a simple tool

language, a direction does not run
with the art of manner modifying our summers
the request for innocence
a direction forms futurism
all life too late for the model origin

fire, the philosopher of legibility
time forms the impossible fragment
a totality as seriality, a diversity cyclic
units of the eternal recurrence
a complete unit in the letter

the image of the world after
another kind dogmatism of the contact with true continuation
not to project on another energy of antagonism
the ends of the beginnings, not myth
the past is never behind the use and abuse of history


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