blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

February 26, 2006


and meaningful your journal
a journal on organic shape
      shaped on your own
cranked out your money's
worth – your compulsion

in a stage a shaped artifact
accumulates preciousness
submit – a hit process
ready – finish - getting it
medicated –
      about you

served, I think psychology
      discipline – whatever
thrown away, used, grown
3 months outlined
      outlined – a ritual
of essay destruction – burnt

southern – coming
to do – a slash – take a cut
an intent develops
a feature disembodied
in place inspired – a place

a character hugely projected
ugly and exciting – manifested
a booster – perversely
- offended I hope –
      and American – done
maps seem never –

have adventures in
how the body – the body
how the written relates
      to written
how the performed
      relates to performed
the performed
      known – paid attention to

relates to gender body gender
      body the gender
you're female gender
      as a woman is
- central - smashing
      patriarchal shape
process – working
a long felt response
without the split
      of the head of the body


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