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February 02, 2006

matter of

a failure of matter—desire
an uncooperative nature—a star
skimming the surface—gliding across—
sailing—across the medium

in the middle—
a desire to keep away
scribbling on the wall—scribbles
on the wall—

a desire to dive in
a matter of
perspective—a desire—
a matter of light—to leave the same

a matter of consciousness—a desire
a matter of attention
a desire—a matter of choice—to fall out

a matter of new—desire to
proclaim another of loss
desire—a matter of politics—to cringe

a matter of story—desire to flout
a matter of adjustment—desire
a matter of disappearance—a
matter of place?—desire—
a matter of clearing your throat—to shout

a matter of time—lost—desire—
of thought running—to reach a point—
continuously—of an
eagerness to make essense—
of what you wanted to say
of what you meant to do

what was going to happen
was about to take place
to end the affair
to slip from the moment
—desire to fail—
slip away from you
away from lost time
from you towards an
indistinct presence


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