blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

December 08, 2005


gratifying enjoys path to take
always, really gratifying
and astute, what you're handling
astutely your enthusiasm
your role, your job
ultimately encouraging

red marks slash your ego
your zone of quiet
life set up in order
don't think
until it is too late

trial and error occurs
especially at night
in physical quiet withdrawn
the point I can't believe

physical space—comforting
design around home or the post office
completely dead, silent and practical
in transition made, started to make
from point a to point b

you could do the easiest structure
absorbed until outside your vision
formed along your backbone
ego like a coral reef

stuck in introduction used
models survive through series
selfish anecdotes like peanut butter
water stuck in your hair

use the story. extract the lesson
see it work
see it work on TV
see it work in movies
we, it works in the world

how frustrated are you willing to get?


At 7:14 AM, Blogger stan said...

Nice poem

"we, it works in the world" is a beautiful line, and a nice culmination for the poem

At 11:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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