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February 24, 2006

a partial

off a cliff, another cliff
like variety – in case
I live in cause current
the line current
the line with you
a net? a fallow paradise
gone to field
where we'll heal – really work –

a rigorous honesty – I think
      I'll read
totally shameless
pacing – myself
      struck dumb
blazing in silence

unsmiling questions
fall to descend –
travel trained lovers
and remarks strict
policy – a famous shift –
in bed with a pause –
a laugh, silent
and transparent

I can't stand last night
alone – shaken
back to time and
a section dried
skeleton a country

would setting – on concrete
all elegance, emptied
mechanical – led to
a dilated cube –
glowing – fleshy curse

a choke jolting
cracking blind groans
of sunk quiet, descent
      this perverse
ritual bruised – knicked
flat – a thread pulling on
unsubtled leanings –
cleverly misplaced


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it's awesome


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