blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

February 23, 2006


so tragic and why? this
cares, works all this or out?
what does it interested in outcomes
how does it help you
interested in outcoumes
a manifold

so much left why
like left, left over
outside leaving a leavening
still capture a notice
undressed a border – gods
leaf blown, border, a crossing

princess of mood – applied
yet dead begging, pity in the
bolting – a test ignited
in wing inhaling every
surrendered – rubber word

shiny and yet a theatre
inherently boring – stumbled
hungry – sunk into moist –
performed sexuality - performed
victorious – low exalted
a residence – totally dead
just written - intersected /
overlapped next to – part of
a throughline
through out

excerpted pulp plotted
what out – spews
fractured - fragmented
attention – paid
affected and fused
assemblance → a semblance → assembly


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the pine trees!

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