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February 24, 2006

from form to

ambiguous form turns on ambiguity – unformed ambiguity turns on rigidity – a place / container = glown page –the string is either always slack or taut | are there other options? there are these interrogatives. options potions – positions—taken to form [a column like a frontispiece] unmatched in time's singularity, always to the left of \what moment was it put into/ is it? There is unclarity + Here is unclear. But That is immaterial \/ there is no matter to it. text is not an excuse for language – text is occasionality, yes – but the font of letters doesn't control attention {command} necessary papers the insides as the mouth fills aurality | an excess is not an excuse of ours | this us creates excess \ this thought is excessive this time is excessive all time is excessive – force


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they're all awesome


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