blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

February 27, 2006

A hymnal

in push an experience – a model
an edit coughing – creative, Dr?
a campus – an island – a review
– the train takes twice –
like Copernicus in wedlock

secondly an anthology – a template
in the making – on the make
a red dread – and all a craft
a ship – an example – a boat
– the ways of objects twice –
like of a character, a desire

a drawn metaphor quartered – by things
on fixated obsession – or example
a preface – the past – a shut in
– the world out of the closet once –
a shallow room and precocious yearning

represent five trophies, five teapots – another shrine
to beauty and lack – dainty boathook
bad mirror – shifting pieces – dusty state
– the Empire bent & hung, elongated again –
coated with waves stored & embroidered

on pins like a neck from a factory warehouse
lined reflections floating – and waving
a cross unseen – the slums – a center
– a description of aspects stood standing alone –
waking up to jump out of earnest and young

an introduction, an intention reconciled – individuated
of variegated loving – smuggled and sealed
a minor boiling – cut the line – precious beckoning
– fulsome dimpled arms waving an interior pale –
an irreverent raging lunatic, small, no, larger and gleaming

an eternal character old fashioned – inhabitant
moist postmark uncanny – prominent, throaty
held modeling – silky half slips – color dangling
– held half rounded yet red like an eye soft & gentle –
covered-spent-landed-and-stood – a myriad ejaculation at church