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February 26, 2006

Steal steel

Something about the commons – courtesy? thievery? - re-writing is re-wiring – stealing is for people who haven’t gotten used to theft yet – getting used to being a thief is a human preoccupation a compulsion.
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justified? the morality of the thing is an argument elsewhere | the essential preoccupation immaterial | the degrees finely tuned – appropriate text > a difference > a pronunciation < a pronouncement (this will never save you) ( or me) \free expression/ ? but what is? how and why? and also is expression concerning, disconcerting. a concert of expression – a cacophony of theft – a rumor of voices… is the idea to set one thing next to another along the shore, lined up along the coast, to form a flimsy and porous – an opening {this is where you can go} [this is where we've been] (this is where I am)


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