blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

February 28, 2006


light & right – a bottle
of Crisco oil –
so hot – a pull of
gravity when and where
touch – laid out – whisper

a clear throat – smile
sizes – receive – folden
close hard & coarse
an abrasion breaking up –
a dead light bulb –

show the edge – the cover
self – contained without set up
appear and rewind in
the middle – appropriate
an intractable display

compliance in a
picture a view from
a window – a fling – major
lack of regard – a thin veneer
a subtle desk of puberty

howling a perverse range
– a highlight –
spin needed – spoke
unspoken – deformed beauty
rang over spent – rang –

a sick tour sick of
halls – around workings
young – academic
with – a hint of pimpery
floating – a trace of irony

layers across a lifted peak
outside what known of customs?
bulbous – fashionable
knocked disparate & conspicuous
there is no ink in a hole

turn out from your note book
a seat – shuttled away from
these watched orders – shaken
and down voices from
precontraceptive – romance

my constitution – a glance standing – stopped
a notice – a ticket – a warming
mounted & carried