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February 28, 2006


easy to say – paper is not perverse – letters are not lecherous – easy to play {innocent} and blush, but difficult to offend > there is a laugh that dispels, there is a high broiling laugh that sends everything away < more than a defense | an assault – a chain of words | and there is a laugh, a release – a laugh like an orgasm (organic) a small death of the self – is this borrowed from somewhere [stolen] a momentary lapse into reason / a timed slip and a cacophony \ of voices accident – a dim tincture – distill a humor – a rumor / easy does it, light on the lip \ a weight an offense /\ ended off – to the pink – in reverse – the laugh that pulls everything in – a glassy voice (balanced precariously) half full > out of solid center [successively empty] nostalgia returns to sour < stiffened up to rigid > …
paper is perverse
letters are lecherous


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