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October 05, 2008

sound noise

As the angels reminded the apostles on that hill outside Jerusalem, the ending only comes when Jesus returns as judge to close the age, and exaltation into glory, a victorious ascent plays an important role. The theory is most often attributed to a Scottish physicist who proposed about 40 years ago that the vacuum between the stars is not empty but made of a fabric that extends infinitely in all directions. If anything I toned this idea down to make it actually believable. Every opinion I wrote was based on fact and first hand observation. I guess the saying "the truth hurts" is spot on accurate because I got many responses both for and against. I shrugged it all off, and a while later, crossed my arms again over my chest and the same thing happened, but even more pronounced. There was no pain just this weird "moving" vibrating sensation. It almost felt like liquid squishing around. It’s certainly a possible trend, but it’s doubtful that we’ll move from “all free time being devoted to TV” to “all free time being devoted to creating.” After all, one must consume things in order to create things created in a vacuum.


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