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August 22, 2008

sound noise

Sometimes you didn’t speak, and then people would scream and rush forward and I would duck under your glare and disapproval and wish to crawl up inside myself. But no one was ever as bright as you were; never. Say as I say, or you shall never go. Forward, I pray, since we have come so far, and be it moon, or sun, or what you please, and if you please to call it a rush or a candle, henceforth I vow it shall be so for me. The only exception comes when I wake up and seem to be perpetually chased by a monster to the extent that I suspect the monster has invaded Manhattan for the sole purpose of hunting me down. The silent voices of the people are begging to be heard and recognized; therefore we should stop and listen. You cannot know any nation; its past and its achievements, without first knowing the people who made all that possible. Last night a friend told me that his Russian friends say that if you rush to see all of Manhattan in the first few weeks, then you will have nothing left to look forward to. Maybe.


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