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June 20, 2008

sound noise

No, my opinion isn’t any more valid than the beat reporter or columnist; I was a 25-year old liberal arts major whose only print journalism / sportswriting experience was a stint on the high school newspaper. That’s not why I write what I write …and he heard a familiar female voice. “Is it Don?” Colby asked, on the bed behind him. Charlie shook his head. “Megan,” he explained, but before he had the chance to actually talk to her, Colby grabbed his hand to take him back… On May the seventh, I will go to the studio and there will be scenes that no one has ever seen and we will shoot them that day and they will rush them to LA and they will cut them and those will be the final moments of the season. But this conversation leads me to consider a long term strategy. Our work should take serious consideration of thought and discussion within this arena. We can’t rush the ending …the last thing he sees - his lover, friend, soulmate - rushing forward, eyes going wide, as the blade slides into his body… You woke up screaming. Just listen to my voice, you're okay.

They say your abilities exceed those of all others, and even that no one had ever been as strong as you were, but they say you can barely stand the loneliness. Okay. So, you allowed my brother to lower your car about 1.5 inches, maybe 2—he was the only one, wasn't he?—and then the noise started. It sounds like metal on metal, a noise like powerful squeaking. Since none of us have ever heard anything like it, except from our forays into the realms of hard rock, I had no idea what we were listening to. When you drove up, I assumed it was one of those noise albums you’ve been listening to, like that EP, looped power lines, but the failed brakes and removed steering column proved me wrong.

It's safe to assume that if you invest in one brand-new appliance for the move, make it the vacuum cleaner. Get one with a filter. If you can get one from a family member or at a yard sale that works, great, but this is probably the most important cleaning apparatus in EVERY society on earth. When Christian based morals are cast aside, crime and violence has ALWAYS filled the ‘vacuum’. This is NOT UNREALISTIC FANTASY! I lived in that happy time without the choking influence of the state in every aspect of life. Personally, I have always felt my voice is better speaking than silent. The one time I did participate in the Day of Silence was my junior year in College. On that day my class “Gender, Sexuality, and African American Communities” was not meeting. While the church has been mostly silent on the subject of sex, the world and the devil have attempted to make it their domain. The church has rightly proclaimed biblical prohibitions on the misuse of sex, but it has failed to speak out. When I say the mantra syllable inside my head, this is the voice that gives it a thought and sound. This mental track can also be silent, when I'm imagining a picture, scene, or shape I am doing so on the same level of my mind.


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