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April 02, 2008

Handsome Fish Offices

HANDSOME FISH OFFICES by Ara Shirinyan is Now Available from Insert Press – our first perfectbound book!

You may purchase your copy online at InsertPress[Dot]Net

Praise for Handsome Fish Offices by Ara Shirinyan:
While office supply products and tropical fish might at first thought seem to have nothing to do with one another, once side by side they reveal the interconnections between global acquisitions, multinational capital, and environmental destruction. - Juliana Spahr

Of cut-up writing, in which different textual sources are spliced together, often jarringly, William Burroughs once said, “The results will look a lot like you.” Handsome Fish Offices, Ara Shirinyan’s book of profoundly 21st century cut-ups, takes up this insight with hilarity and irreverence, showing readers how the world looks like them, and they look like the world. No matter whose language he’s playing with, the startling juxtapositions of words in these poems reveal the contemporary global condition of being incorporated and measured, invariably down to the smallest detail. “This laterally flattened species is ideal / For catalogs, direct mail, promotions, etc,” he writes, and you’ll know what he means, because your species, too—and right now—is one of the many getting flattened. -Mark Wallace


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