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July 08, 2008

sound noise

Is it my place to decide what any artist should and should not be writing? I never really learned to do any of the fancy stuff but I love the rush of achievement, of becoming one with motion, the music, the crowd, it’s all very addicting. I am really looking forward to how you look forward to seeing me, to feel the same rush of enthusiasm and eagerness that you arrive with and hopefully infect me with too. I see you there! It’s a pity that this late rush will come in lists of nonsense syllables and the measurement of how long it takes to forget and then relearn them (here is an example of the type of list we’ll use: bes dek fel gup huf jeik). With high-definition digital filters, our signal-to-noise ratios are getting remarkably better. It’s odd, then, that we just keep getting noisier. Is there a connection between noise and class? Let’s shoot a feature of you dancing in full regalia and reading from this book, Silent Voice of Creation. Let's go out and enjoy the sunshine!


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