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October 05, 2008

sound noise

Your campaign has always been a tricky exercise, especially as you found yourself stuck with an unpopular president. I have to say it was refreshing to see police cars and not automatically worry about getting pulled over. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes the evening rush hour traffic was a bitch. Remember when you and I were stuck between those two mountains and we saw a Flash on the horizon? You sat outside the mental hospital before driving home and woke me up to ask what time it was and if I was going to work. I told you I had to stop to get something and it just took awhile. Then I asked if something was wrong. You seemed upset. You could easily have picked up some noise-canceling headphones, which use internal microphones to generate another set of white noise sounds that drown out the ambient noise around you. You then reminded me that white noise isn't quite loud enough to cancel out our really noisy society.


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