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August 27, 2008

An Announcement

MMM reading at the smell

The MMM reading--Mathew Timmons, Maxi Kim, Marcus Civin

I'll be presenting new work from Lip Music and Sound Noise at the Smell this Sunday as a scored text that I have arranged. It should be exciting. It won't just be me standing behind the microphone, but five or six people standing behind the microphone! There will be mystery guests!

Stan Apps says, "See these three LA stalwarts read (or otherwise interpret) new fiction at the Smell on Sunday August 31st. Doors open at 6:00 PM. Mystery guests will be on hand to assist in the interpretation of new works by the MMM writers."


Mathew Timmons co-edits/curates Insert Press, Trepan, LA-Lit and Late Night Snack. His collaboration with visual artist Marcus Civin, a particular vocabulary (P S Books), is forthcoming, and his work may be found in various journals, including: Sleepingfish, P-Queue, Holy Beep!, Flim Forum, The Physical Poets, NōD, PRECIPICe, Or, Moonlit, and The Encyclopedia Project. He teaches interdisciplinary arts and writing workshops for CalArts School of Critical Studies.

Maxi Kim is the author of the Japanese no novel One Break, A Thousand Blows (2008 Book Works, edited by Stewart Home). Just prior to the publication, New Cross Gate's Second School (2008 Jan-June), an alternative D.I.Y. art school adjacent to Goldsmiths College, was struck by opposition and burned. The new utopia of the short twenty-first century (2009 Christie Scott) is his account of the London experiment.

Marcus Civin is a visual artist and writer who divides his time between Los Angeles and Irvine. His visual art has been shown at High Energy Constructs Gallery, The University Art Gallery at UC Irvine, and elsewhere. He has translated several 19th century Russian novels (War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, Fathers and Sons) into alternative formats, such as text-messages. He edits and publishes the journal DISASTER. His collaboration with Mathew Timmons, a particular vocabulary, is forthcoming (see above). He is the cover artist for kari edwards' Iduna and Insert Press' Fold Collaborate Narrate.


247 S. Main Street, between 2nd and 3rd St, downtown Los Angeles
(enter in the alley in the back--the alley is named Harlem Court)


Doors open 6:00PM, reading starts approximately 6:30, everything should be wrapped up by 8:30.


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