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October 05, 2008

sound noise

Inside the dome of my mind’s eye I can create a vacuum, with absolutely no atmosphere. Instead of repelling dangers, I simply form a dome around them. The requirements of this effort on my mind are disorientating, as I simultaneously performed the job of sitting down with our patients and explaining how these treatments were going to affect quality of life. Only around five percent of the patients in each group chose “watchful waiting,” or “active surveillance,” a small percentage advocated for scaling down workload. We were able to assist your valuable employees in scaling down work overloads by employing sufficient staff, improving systems and workflow, and by creating partnerships with other companies. You created a balance. You provided yourself with a good news team and affirmed that the exit interviews would not create any vacuum in leadership. Then, you rushed forward to take me into custody. When it was all over and done with, you escorted me outside and threw me in the back of your car, so you could drive me to mental health. The threat is now over, but my body has yet to recover.


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