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October 19, 2008

Free Free Free

for a limited time only

Read the last issue of Fold Magazine together with your friends!
Then write the next issue of Fold Magazine together with your friends!


The People work together and we like to see The People doing stuff. We look forward to reading! Reading works written by people writing together!

The editors of Insert Press are soliciting manuscripts for the second issue of Fold magazine.

Fold Collaborate Narrate will provide a venue for collaborative works of narrative and autobiographical prose, mixed genre works, collaboratively written reviews, and collaborative critical analyses of collaboratively written works. In this moment we feel the relevance of collaboration, and the togetherness promoted by people writing as a group, is central. We are interested in storytelling that does more than reiterate constructions of the subject; instead we value collaborative works that enter terrains where the individual would find it difficult to go. We believe collaboration opens new possibilities in genre manipulation. We will favor works that exemplify the difference between group writing and individual subjective manifestations.

Find a partner! Build a team! Gather round a gang and write together: it is friendly! We look forward to receiving submissions from partners, teams and gangs. The works of Wu Ming, the Bernadette Corporation, the President of the United Hearts, the Grand Piano project, and the Pines are examples of the type of writing the editors wish to print.

All writing in Fold Collaborate Narrate will be done by groups.

Please submit works of around 3500 words or less. Send your submissions to as .doc or .rtf by December 1st.


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