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July 05, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 13

resistance runs, positioning those amorphous
unfavorable currents of liquid to standards
one connects, is connected
to you all the connections
do not become easy in the passage

the linear terminology, the form of this determination
of this enormous standardized message
The body does not originate non-worthy
to point out the test it disappears
gives some remaining types to complete

the device and all its difficult joints
does not contain the organ, the organism
sound the ultimate output, the chain inside spitefully and with interest
for the creation and the product to take from
the determination and the mental vector of the symptom

life works because of craving, being exactly desire
the complete body of death is the motor
the favorable liquid running with normalization

worry our usual way what this means

The body does not contain the line and the evil of organization
In spite of the layout created: the spiritual table of symptoms

the sequential use of audio and video
the unarticulated block of sound
so thin you purchase powers that scream in asthmatic fits

merrily you, the satisfaction in the degree of the taboo
into the joint, by electricity the goods are inserted
the different words hurt by the father of execution
interpret the column of water by the majority of things
in order to form converts after death, you experiment

the fact is formed in identification:
being an enormous, uniform object
the body the final output of noise
to be broken in the body
as an instrument of extensive persecution

resistance flows in sets amorphous
the adverse current, the liquid of unification interrupted
arrangement of time molds examination and
you search the color by any means right

still, it barely continues to promote myth
of the romantic conceptual genius it is possible
as for satisfaction, the joy of violating taboo
inserted in the electric socket to explain the stream of water

the automaton halts the deceased
time sets the unorganized bulk
useful to concatenating freely, shape is
not only detection, dead instinct: that is name
there is no model, no evidence of original nothingness

what kind of remnant? the whole linked
the countercurrent of the uniform liquid
connected, and interrupted, using the word
only the scream or the panting which are
the unarticulated block whose sound is thin

the possible romantic myth talent joyfully violates
as for the degree of satisfaction in taboo
in the electricity hub sundry goods, labor
by the performance it can interpret water
the creek, whether it does convert, or you experience

is not the primitive worthy of mentioning
or can he interpret the split of water by the majority of the things
the automat stops the late ones, a positioning is useful
the instinct dies: it is to name, the dead are not there
it did not conceive the unfavorable current, the liquid of unification

the instinct cubes: it is to designate, it is not understood absolutely
noises of the block, the resistance, the energy
the father of execution can interpret the column of the water
from the greater part of the things, after that the dead women, the dead men

if converted, the standardized message
the machine arrests the delayed one
the cubes of instinct: it must indicate the unfavorable
liquid running through the normalization
it will be able to interpret the column of water

after the inoperative women will be converted
you try, you do not only become fulfilled, not observed
the cubes of instinct: it must indicate it is not understood absolutely
to point with respect is to disappear
the escape of blockage disturbs the organization

in the sound and the section of the sight of the word
it’s given form is only unarticulated
centers of resistance, of the energy, the outcry

the haltings of the machine behind
the title of the plant which it did not order
liberations, inside ignited here, each possible chain of the thing
the buckets of instinct: it must indicate it is absolutely not understood, not here, no
the demands began enthusiastic and for the duration
the inoperative men are integrated
and began the enthusiastic demand for the inoperative women

the resistance works in positionings amorphous
so that the favorable liquid a colleague executes
with the normalization, is connected, arrested.


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