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July 04, 2005

Anti-Oedipus 12

Crave the function works as is
that kind political escape and contention,
all forces, strengths, solutions, mystifications,
and in all directions a fever,
personal atheism, no beliefs move about in search of habit

Be pleased, it serves the inside separately
everything approximately terminated in the connection
to the hunt on the one hand
the year of the old man,
a year that is not possible,
a certain material past

Perhaps the self—animal loss returned
the vegetables and the mineral in the home—
experiences existence and humanity’s travel
reduced directly before confidence

Lately built to stop in order to seize
the solution of humanity connected
with the force of a search
to reduce the inside subjectively

Made to reorganize the feather escapes
adapted and buried within the possible
to seek the substitution of crisis yet not really solve it.

Perhaps the loss of the art of the self
turning over the ore of the experiment
and the social sciences and the voyage
content to be used, the internal part
incorporates the beginning of erasures

Consequently if the toolbox is unimagined
come to create the tool;
belief simultaneous to learn the situation
and the happy initial use
sending out in search of a symbol.

Beseech the function, the number of works
a link requiring considerable opposition
adding to the base, the loss of the art of the self

To intersect the transformation and introduce the revolution
not to create an order of time
the fortunate escape transmission of the symbolic order

Abolish all before completion
the one hand hunts the seal
newly built in order to interrupt
to grasp connected humanity’s solution
a subjective reduction as we learn the situation

Assembly by the initial symbol
the basis of self loss
practice it is not, there is not a zone

Recently structured in order to stop
in order to seize the strength of the search
termination with the outcome for the use of transmitting
in an educated manner you reorganize
the feather, the spring that escapes adapted and buried
to look upon a lower surface, over the loss

In addition patient interests determined the material beyond
this pleasant resistance codes a solution,
through all the senses in the form of a fever
to arrest the revolutionist a resistance of the search
in the substance of the crisis observe real resolve
scrumbled directly before the secret, the end

Bringing the grass into an ordered order to arrest
an updated restoration not to create
when equal in the substitution of the ordered crisis
longitudinally observe the ignited interior