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July 07, 2007

"high" New Eyes

Leave Men "high"

Innocent enough, as delighted children,
The popular myth that women are men
Raised the alert from "moderate" to "high."

In truth, they are extremely dangerous
With devices that automatically record them
Found dead on an artificial lane.

They accounted for almost half the injuries to
Researchers. The difference is not
To ease their protective measures.

The New Touch, Live

At the very least, the first of which will be
Rejected and will not support
A non-stop propensity for private air travel.

About 15 inches wider than similar
Promises to make potential payments,
I'm not going to let my own hypocrisy get in the way.

Windows will be 65 percent larger, Bathrooms big enough to
Disavow any link between
This modern environmental movement and the excess of protest.

Steadily Opening Eyes

Spectacular growth unlikely to elicit a shift in
This phenomenon: the first global celebrity
And his love life, but give us a minute to get there…

Figures were slightly above growth rate
On giant screens it became clear that the failed prophet,
necessarily public, becomes more difficult all the time.

Health and leisure declined for the 12th straight month, and
The former attention on change rather than
Informational vermin, acknowledged the dichotomy.

the last 3 days of 3x3s


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