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June 22, 2007

Fold Appropriate Text!!!

Fold Appropriate Text is coming very soon!

Including work by:
Harold Abramowitz
Guy Bennett
Franklin Bruno
Teresa Carmody
Marcus Civin
Katie Degentesh
kari edwards
Drew Gardner
Nada Gordon
K. Lorraine Graham
Jen Hofer
Mark Hoover
Mike Magee
Sharon Mesmer
K. Silem Mohammad
William Moor
Bruna Mori
JeffreyJoe Nelson
Vanessa Place
Dan Richert
Rod Smith
Michael Smoler
Mark Wallace

Preorder your copy before Bastille Day, July 14th for only $8.50 + S&H!
Regular price will be $11.00 + S&H.
at InsertPress[Dot]Net


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