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March 02, 2007


Ballroom D 2nd Floor F105. Post-Avant: Strategies of Excess. (Jed Rasula, Johannes Goransson, Anne Boyer, K. Silem Mohammad, Joshua Corey, Lara Glenum)

Lara Glenum
hideous countours of rejective norms decaying desires the grotesque multiply hazards of capacity conversely unhinged from a register of props of wastrels permeable and fictive split individuals collected disobedience and mainstream art exits culture throught the revolving door passed through as if by organs unnavigable proceedings tactics are literal, monstrous heterosexual male desire with masks of second bodies and bloody deer projected onto representation as horror and as subject insisting on our enjoyment - naive, deformed and averted indeed. a continuation of the beautiful, excessive and unbearable

Johannes Goransson
resistant talk peculiar as a dynamic and possible in the 10's and 20's misinterpreted as negative almost always the same breath of cliche as quotes by Donald Revell without recourse to prepared work extravagant admiration in aims of linguistic hope absorbed by perception to become like a dead stuffed goose common icons of talk much like everybody interesting that is unexcessive natural real true not excessive in-excessive monoglossia purpose creating natural firm stable unified correct intermingling fluency in the center of the center, get rid of all this other stuff, for the high language, and the way its talked about, stylistically imprisoned in the dungeon messages of exchange, still purchase resistance shock and outrage fit and functional perception an aesthetics of homelessness exile modernist excrement forced from estranged language through cabaret shows and genre rules and fantastic prayers Henry Parland how dada came to sweden as a threat of foreigners nevertheless the tone is nonsense enticement critique of capatilist receptions fairly extravagant - none of this stuff - not poetry - just nihilism and erasure always getting beyond visual words oral and unnatural the dynamic of receptions, right? similar to back in the day being implicated and appealed

K. Silem Mohammad
Personism is close to a manifesto as an offshoot in the european fund sounding tlike the squishy bender, now come on, I don't believe in god - I hate spoiled airlines and the irony of my current situation, fossils were put in the earth to fool sinners, backwards and simple, call the house, seriously, chasing is like death to be chased screaming deeds and the same with music outside as for the reception welcoming the committee in love running away with wrestlers and captain planet just let all the shittiness of highschool go on a train, buy a toy for investment, because mommy says so, my scanner is a pig of nerdy dreamwomen silly frizzy haired girls, now he's a potato, I finally broke down and bought one, dope ass friends, deep shit inside me, the midget arrives, the top ten album and improved by fruit leather, why ask zombies like walking flesh, too many poets and poetry clubs, from the elbow up with red painted lips, I don't give a damn, about neo-fascist organizations, slaughtered byt hte rebels and forced feeding, nobody should experience anything, only humans have a point of view that's the logic, there's nothing metaphysical about all the manifestations of shadows, abstraction in poetry is a step above the true meaning, simplified and isolated, there removal is the decision of whether or not to go indoors, all part of the multitudes capturing a picture of jesus verging on techno-pepsi philosophy - long streams of philosophy - no money and nice bridges - farmers ar far from it on the outskirts - spilling coffee on books and beauty, tied to a cactus in resignation - unemployed and happy - guilty, duh, the poem in the sound hole in perspective in the world under terrible pressure at last to the max remarkable need for taste and the spectrum as a human endeavor alive or dead, when you are a bum, dying of the age of 26, everything, everything, but what a fantasy, unsure until magic is undone and uncertain, it is a kind of weird story, nicotinism, propagandists and content

Anne Boyer
too many poems on December 16th through scarcity become ridiculous until death, with therefor difficult but not impossible thoughts of poetry beyond the realm of the much too complicated, the more difficult the difficult, not for action, nothing at all, share with others and essential methods with expensive overhead and diaramas of techniques without enough shoeboxes, breed a race of small rodents, with letter shapes inked and grown and harvested, the supplies you need are land, manuals, celebrities and paper screens. fashion a variety of roofs on tall buildings emerging from slates every fiftieth sheet of the right time with guns and metal and people and something tall like defense, collect five black cats, a large group of children with jars in their hands, then cookies with tatoos on them, when the cats wake the poems will glow, intelligence is to toy with affection and random patters, until they are willing to do anything, secretly laboring finally midsummer driving to the field stripped down as poetry, knowing it won't work, take a cargo ship to sea, set it on fire, you need capabilities, cause squirrels to swallow, finally join a terrorist cell and blow up flows to sculpt the united states, not as simple os one might think, advised not to speak of infecting pores, this idea has enemie and people don't like to hear about thick black permanent markers groaning outwards, limited to leakages and bodily fluids I am experiencing increased dismay at remediation between the crowd and the wound, difficult as you wish, in non action rewritten the rewrite refusing to be poetry as a beggar begging for attention of imposibility never occuring, the pose in its blatant form, among the masters non acting non innovating in nameless ness forever incomplete a thick blur not remembered

Jed Rasula
a dire thud adroit and experienced as an examiner of the thesis on the medieval ceremony - in regalia - in the role officially as the opponent the supervisor in case of mayhem to top it all off, this fabulous dinner that goes on all through the night, quite beautiful, as they are upon us, what follows as the reflections coordinated from Blanchot's indelible ruin, nothing to do with the parade grounds dismissing missions of failure without regard, heedless and goes so far to disappointment, a ripping apart that seems to say to us transgressions in the absence frozen into the principle of meaning squeezed out as a preciptate strategy haplessly submitted to as law as getting into trouble can you mean? can you be seized by intention suddenly? as the old song has it, a skeptical hoop rolling under the menace, the refrain, tacit and recalled as parts, from the stars indebted of course to today and the dice trow, a retinue, what now seems hapless and deranged and designed and desired and the death sentence is to engage with the clutch of the astral of the reference to actual events fastened to the absolute a date in history, the force outside historicallly so, who is not incuded? memorable of course but a bit different progress and categorically excluded without history, two volumes of why? without history, subjugated and placed, behooved towards the wretched dawn, one clue to thinking slaps provocations of tense, what a disaster this paradigm it will have been monstrous, contaminated from the past to the future smuggled in as inevitability, if you listen you will learn not to speak in the silence, the everyday life gets by by definition, the weather and all those little nudges, the utopia of kitsch, the horror, the scrutiny misguided by way of leaves and resistance bbetween reality and your life as abasement and substitution in public affairs indistinguishable by simply existing, now an occasion is the looming prospect alltogether, an inconvenient truth discernable and us, how can a conundrum fit into history into reality and the report of magnification ruined, one of the ways cmpletely marginal and as historical testimony - like a flea bitten rodeo contestant - my first computer - the new biological arrangement - generated by electricity and spittle - palpably bouncing - largely borne along by preemptive contras in nicaragua and the czarist opulence percolating the other side of the filtration pumps in nervous music in the intersubjective fieldwork of chastity belts, the heat loss, the appearance, the home court advantage, the missing link, the baloon, the ideology, the challenge and a popper and unity and bread which is his or hers swelling and genetic for the purposes of life, and fertility drugs of a deeper space delivering the next of talking style in the now you know. elected and available for sacrifice as stardom and the canon idolatry singled out for the cost and crucified in the name of a general cleansing, it could be anyone, singled out and generic and automatic, the tatters squished into view as rapt compliance parables - 3 poems as questions and why were we not a conflagration because separate static concepts nevertheless the world around us - as a reponse precisely here the reverse of cosmic attitude inside us.


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