blob blob blob blob blob blob blos blop blob blob blobg blog -Jackson Mac Low (1956)

December 02, 2006


a short piece written at the beach

catpin fish cake
jelly gin hat
legs, all legs
and flight

a hardacre cause
causeway and causal chance

simple descriptive line
blank look returned
ashen water glazed
and the reverse
of a stare
in the height of
at the height of
crumbling walls

patterns spread from
patterns now dissipating

no swimmer to be seen
no arms, no flailing
but skin and light
everywhere different than night

very much cast out by
recording what a swimmer
remembers and the view
lost by edges now defined
clearly unclear lines between
lines unseen

it is difference wedged
between the walker and
the swimmer stands
shallow water like a shelf
to sit anything on
to walk across or through

the city's or a city's
any city's end of course
an end not a beginning
some how looking out
and looking away from

the swimmer drops under
water or streets

to collapse, in fact
to collapse in flight
blankly floating an
unreleased and
release then another

dissolution of time
stored up in a swimmer's
back turned now to see
turned now away, turn now
a way from what would be
an undisclosed edge

and lifting itself over
itself again

then the middle of it spreading
opened out upon a shore
and shored up in opening

never a boundry to be crossed
as clear as day or
even as night another
light or street or streetlight
to stop and turn, to turn

and go from this middle
to another other middle
excluded and set apart
or away from - arteries in
veins in any body
stretched thin

in the middle spread
beyond comprehension to
edges edging away from
out here, out there
away from moving towards

any found location
any known location
any well known place

set aside again from
what is previously set aside
is the middle of another

out in it, stuck in it
and then now only lost
an edge of the very edgeless


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