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August 12, 2006

Wlodzimierz Ksiazek Artist Response, Theory

monuments of dead space, noxious space and grandiose structure
articulated through monumental erasure
of participants and what means asking,
can this be monumental? openings and ambiguities

interactions and participants in a concentrictiy of view
and a view of dialogue and the viewer in opposition.

a relevance of time space and a theory
of the monumental, flexibility, humours.
design now darker, normal and colonial.
these shanty towns mere cities, these cities mere shanty towns.
a majority of will and survival, a majority of survival then
moved from city to town, to shanty town, to city.

means of escape these monuments, this escape, monumental, this monumental escape,
clashing in space and class and variety.

now this sphere, this space hovering over itself, overlayed and in the way of itself even.

in transit, a language of citation and clear boundaries, still clear and blue, and clear these towns and boundaries.

points of view
a way to manipulate angular space sealed in relevance by relevance.

hewn forms and new, manipulated and new,
new to impose, and new and larger and new, uncovered
and new continuing, and new manipulated,
obviously, and degrading the new, the next degradation
an example of the new concept, captivating, romantic, exotic and manipulated.

history and meaning, the city not some big urbanity
dissected, not the nose of the whole leading the fragments,
the seperations and inputs.
cities fractured and unseen
in visual connotation, evolving and living
structure, the underground in the history designed to function,
designed to utilize, to escape utilitarianism.

in gathered fragments, a nervous social function
governing the elements. issues of formation
accepted with caution. an extension in absentia,
part of entirety, part of evolution,
part of penetration, and coexistant with spirituality.

every image taken by me
to form a repertoire.

the case for history squatting on colonial streets.
these buildings have been authentically adopted, inhabited, and had.
these buildings have been had.

an expression of freedom, these empty images,
lacking people as an element of structure.
factionality next to abandonment.

show that this doesn't simply emanate from the void,
making time feasible, aritficial, essential, and meaningful.

the information of complexity, of specificity
physically tied to history, and segregation.
known problems ravaging this land.
a construction process, an escape from ideas
and unique utopias.

in a sense these places like research libraries,
locations of social research – within history,
within symbols, within speaking – to interact
and create a situation for the competition of symbols.

this shows my personal experiences wandering,
feeling underneath our feet,
moving our feet back and forth.
the unspeakable uncovered, completely unseen,
fresh and bare, walking through cemeteries of open graves.

temporary architectural necessity out of intervention.
on one hand historical time and on the other
timelessness, terminality. singular urgency
of particular time, particle
of specificity. a simple illusion, a simple allusion.
red against any other color, overlain.

as intellectual as an artist in a forest.
once we are free we are fearless and once we are fear we are freeless.
life in absentia
a creation of vague things
to long for
without definition.

the vague creates a philosophy.


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