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March 29, 2006

My bonny lies over

Another tile floor there to ravage. It'll hurt, but it's worth it as always. All and to always. All and to all. All to all. To all. There in the sideways mindwalk. There in the sifting mindfuck. Where she went, where I'll go. This isn't a time or a place for anything packaged and neat. This isn't a time or a place for anything fucked up and out of whack. You sons a bitches, wait for it. It's coming like you've never imagined and I ain't some asshole on the street telling it to you. You've already heard about it and you were never listening and you won't listen now. So put it all down along with whatever you're holding in your hand right now. Walk to the window and if you don't jump at least leap. And if you don't have a window near by just look into a mirror. It's all the same anyway you look at it.

What is a bathroom, but a place for your dirty work. And you are too dirty aren't you. Why don't you get right down there and rub your stinking ass on the clean tile. Please? Do it for me. I wan't to watch, but I won't, but I'll come back to see the streaks later. Oh, I'll come. Don't worry. This is to all of you. All of you and your little corners, the ones you hide in or behind. There won't be a place to be in the light anymore and you'll never have to hide again once I'm through with you. This voice flowing this voice ending.

So she was over there across the room and he looked over there across the room. And he had looked over there across the room so very many times before. As you would imagine him as he would imagine and as she had imagined, and as that other one was imagining even now.


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