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March 07, 2006

leaving room

the speaking, leaving some room for
has had influence
the titles, the composition
could you stop when asked
bow your head, in silence recorded
on paper ink, one is assumed
noted by something outside the self.

what is which is outside
the self and why is
this experience similar to
experience—alterity—acting an
offering brought and dashed off

a thing to remember
cannot be measured
a thing of—at the birth
lost, the word the breath
held—the past, now does not

prophetic a misinterpretation
take everything out of
everything out of significance
out of place the days shut in
unidentified, a lost district
murder shed a city of power

troops daughter of troops
the rule of the son
the mother shorn from context
raised up, then descended in completeness
invert forever in reverie

slaughtered by promise
by following the point
known by a vision
to be taught, wiped out
passed down—an heir, a murderess

in verse safer, in praise revealed,
kept—looking into night visions
hopeless built a temple
an ancient day's dominion
a house in use
a lack of ideology


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